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Jamel Herring sends Carl Frampton to retire with a stop in the sixth phase to retain the WBO title

Jamel Herring sends Carl Frampton to retire with a stop in the sixth phase to retain the WBO title

Jamel Herring retained his WBO junior lightweight title with a stop in the sixth round of Carl Frampton on Saturday at the Rotunda Caesars Palace Bluewaters in Dubai.

Frampton stated before the fight that he would retire from the sport after failing to win the title from the 35-year-old Herring, and Frampton did so after losing.

5-10 Herring was desperately looking for a fight to win the respect he was looking for. The remedy was to face the two-time champion.

Herring used his height and reach advantages to keep Frampton at the end of his possession as he turned every time an Irish fighter approached. It looked like Frampton was slowly tapping Herring on the third lap as he worked his body and opened a cut on the former Marine’s right eye.

Frampton seemed to press the code using pressure to reduce the difference. Unfortunately, he paid for his confidence when he left in the fourth round when he entered the right wing.

He would never be healed.

Herring stepped up the pressure and in the fifth round gained a lot of power as Frampton desperately tried to find a way to fight. Knowing that Frampton would not be able to win the boxing match, he tried to turn the fight into a fight, but Herring was overwhelmed with confidence and ready to pick an attacking opponent.

It was over when Frampton got his head wet and his face was fully timed when Herring entered the top. Frampton sank to the canvas and at that moment the fight seemed to be over. In a way, “Txakala” climbed to his feet and instinctively went to Herring. Herring allowed his prudent opponent to shoot a lucky shot and then threw a towel around Frampton’s corner at 1:40 a.m. with some power shots.

Herring then rose to the weight level, but Oscar Valdez is also impressed with the idea of ​​joining the WBC lightweight junior champion.

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