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James Conner: Arizona Cardinals agree to return to one-year deal | NFL News

James Conner: Arizona Cardinals agree to return to one-year deal |  NFL News

James Conner became a free agent this season with the Pittsburgh Steelers for four consecutive seasons

Last updated: 14/04/21 09:10

James Conner joins Chase Edmonds in Arizona backfield (AP Photo / Don Wright)

The Arizona Cardinals agreed with former Pittsburgh Steelers to back James Conner in a one-year deal, the team reported Tuesday.

Conner, who turns 26 next month, visited the Cardinals on Monday. Financial conditions were not reported.

A Pennsylvania native, Conner played college in Pittsburgh and was a third-round draft pick for the Steelers in 2017. He later became the star of the team in the absence of Le’Veon Bell when he sat down for the 2018 season.

Conner was named to the Pro Bowl that season after rushing 973 yards, receiving 497 yards and recording 13 touchdowns.

“I was looking forward to the change,” Conner told reporters at a virtual press conference on Tuesday. “There was no desire to leave, but certain people talk about being in their hometown and I think that’s an opportunity to grow, to be here, to meet new people, to see this side of people’s world.

“It’s something new, so I was looking forward to it and I feel like I’m going to keep growing.”

Injuries to his quadriceps and shoulder limited him to 10 games and in 2019 he averaged only 715 meters of fencing and seven touchdowns. Last season, he ran 169 times in 721 yards and added 35 catches for 215 yards, for a total of six touchdowns.

The Steelers ’salary cap situation certainly didn’t allow Conner to re-sign them after his new deal ended.

In Arizona, he will help fill the gap left by Kenyan Drake, who signed with the Las Vegas Raiders as a free agent.

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