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Jaylen Brown Injury Update: Celtics announce return schedule for 21-22 season

Jaylen Brown Injury Update: Celtics announce return schedule for 21-22 season

Jaylen Brown will not play for the Celtics again in the 2020-21 NBA season. He had a torn ligament in his wrist that required surgery.

It’s a solid start to the NBA next season, though.

Celtics announced on Twitter that Brown had a successful operation to repair the injury. The team says it will be able to return to basketball activity in about three months.

The good news is for Brown and the Celtics. He is on his way back to training camp in early August, so he should be given enough time to get into basketball before the start of the 2021-22 NBA season.

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Brown is not the only Celtics player to have undergone this operation in the last natural year. Second-year guard Romeo Langford performed the same procedure in September. He needed more time to recover, however; He missed his first 49 games for the Celtics and didn’t make his season debut until early April. In fact, part of the reason was the positive result of the COVID-19 test at the end of his recovery.

Needless to say, Boston hopes Brown can bounce faster than Langford.

Brown was a critical part of the Boston lineup this season. He averaged 24.7 points and 3.4 assists while shooting 48.4% of his career. In the 12 games he has lost, the Celtics are only 5-7. That record picks up the 1-4 mark in the last five games.

Brown’s absence is the reason the Celtics are in their seventh seed in the Eastern Conference and play-in tournament. It will be part of what will be the start of the postseason for the disappointing Boston team this year.

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