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Monday, July 4, 2022
Home Sports NBA Julius Randle, The Knicks' Cryptocurrency Paradox - KnickerBlogger.Net

Julius Randle, The Knicks’ Cryptocurrency Paradox – KnickerBlogger.Net

The New York Knicks have a 21st century problem, and it’s one that is best described with a 21st century analogy. I will not go into a long summary of Randle’s history with New York. I will summarize it, with bullet points (21st century style):

  • The Knicks sign Randle, a basic PF, in 2019 on a short-term / low-risk deal.
  • In his second year, Randle is lit, becomes an All Star, and makes the All-NBA 2nd team.
  • Slightly thirsty Knicks extend his contract until 2026.
  • Boujee Randle acts sis, haunts the media.
  • Thibs drink tea.
  • Twitter casts shadow over Randle with excerpts from his exploits.

That said, the Knicks have a dilemma – what to do with their star player? There’s a chorus of fans hoping to swap New York Randle, which they can do between February 3rd and 10th. And maybe they should, except for one thing: given Julius’ recent game, the Knicks would get pennies on the dollar. For some, it’s unpleasant to send Randle, a potential All Star / All NBA player, back to another team for little. Should the team wait until Randle returns to a better version of himself, and thus get better assets in return?

Let’s assume for a moment that you invested some money in Cryptocurrency: Randle-Coin some time ago. Now you did not think much about it, but suddenly you open your online wallet, and your investment has doubled. Great! What do you do with it? You can sell your Randle-Coin and take that money and invest it elsewhere. However, you accept that the money you withdraw will probably make less in whatever you put into it (bank, shares, FabergĂ© eggs, etc.) than when you just keep that money in Randle-Coin. You therefore keep your investment as it is at present. Next day you watch, and Randle-Coin took a big dive, and is only worth what you originally bought it for. Or maybe it’s worth less than that. What do you do then?

Selling seems like a bad idea because Randle-Coin was only worth twice as much, and it is possible that it may rise again. Let’s assume for a moment that you hold your investment, and Randle-Coin actually increases in value. What do you do with the money? Now, as it has increased, you are back to where you were a while ago, when you decided to leave the money in crypto because it could rise again. So you do not cash in, and you keep your Randle-Coin…

See the paradox? When the value of something is lower than you expect, you will not sell (buy low, sell high!). But if the value of that thing increases, you will not sell, because THE GAINZ!

Let’s bring it back to Julius. Let’s assume the Knicks do not leave with him now because the price is too low. And if they did not exchange him, Randle’s value would increase, they would probably not leave with him, because he is too valuable to them! In other words, why on earth would you trade Randle when he returns to his 2020-2021 form?

So in a way, it does not make sense to wait and see with Randle, because if he turns the corner and suddenly starts playing well, the Knicks will not want to leave with him. And of course we make a big assumption here – that Randle can / will return to his better self for the duration of his contract. I would like to assume the problem with Randle is not physical. There is no indication that his faint play is the result of an injury of any kind. And even if that were the case, it would not describe the bizarre non-play aspects of his downturn. Randle showed a number of mental effects: hiding from the media, thumbs down, not being a neighbor with his teammates, his mental decline in defense, and so on.

In short, the Knicks are in a must-sell situation. Either before the deadline or over the summer, they have to trade Randle. Given the history of self-implying NBA stars, Randle is unlikely to return to an All-NBA caliber. His ceiling is probably a complement to a team that is already winning, not the centerpiece of one trying to get to 0.500. On top of that, Randle’s sabotage not only harms himself, he harms his team with his faint play of more than 35 minutes, and the poor habits he reveals on a nightly basis in front of his influential young teammates. New York has an abundance of young talent who can fill the void left by Randle’s minutes, shooting and leadership.

Although the Knicks are unlikely to get much in return in a Randle deal, but they will still have a lot to gain at the end of this season by doing so.

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