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Justin Thomas said Tiger Woods helped him regain form in the difficult start to 2021

Justin Thomas said Tiger Woods helped him regain form in the difficult start to 2021

Thomas and Tiger’s connections couldn’t have been stronger.

Justin Thomas said he was in a downward spiral in early 2021 when he felt he was “waking up in the wrong bed” every day: First, a live microphone caught Thomas saying a gay drawing after a putt lost in a tournament in January. , then his grandfather died in February.

Thomas, when he needed guidance and advice, turned to Tiger Woods – and then Woods had a serious car accident in late February.

“I knew Tiger had movies on Monday and Tuesday in LA, so I would wait until that was over,” Thomas told ESPN. “And I would go to him on Tuesday night,‘ Hey, dude, I need to know when you get home, like I want to call you, I’m not in a good place and I just need to. Speak.

“I was like me … when will things stop so bad this year?”

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Thomas finally had an argument with Woods, his friend offered him some advice, and eventually apparently pushed Thomas back into the big competition.

“What a success I had for myself, when things didn’t go well, he says,‘ You have to guess. A crime against your father, not against your brotherhood of crime, you just have to take to the streets. , you’re an adult man and go guess ”.

The following weekend, Thomas scored his first victory in 2021.

Woods continues to recover from the sinking, and researchers say it was caused by speeding.

Thomas is one of the favorites to win the 2021 Masters, along with Dustin Johnson, who won the 2020 championship.

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