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Juventus impose fines on Dybala, McKennie and Arthur for breaking Covid-19 lock

Juventus impose fines on Dybala, McKennie and Arthur for breaking Covid-19 lock

Clubs of Weston McKennie, Paulo Dybala and Arthur Juventus will face penalties on Wednesday evening for knowing that the players took part in a party at the USMNT international villa, in violation of local Covid-19 protocols.

The midfielder said he allegedly organized an event for 10 to 20 people, with Dybala and Arthur Bianconeri also being the stars.

Although the club has not yet commented on the matter, it is expected that Juventus will take strict disciplinary measures and impose fines on all three players in accordance with government regulations.

How did the players react?

Dybala went on social media to apologize for attending the reunion, but stressed that the players were not having a party.

He posted in an Instagram story: “I was wrong to stay away for dinner. It wasn’t a party, but I was still wrong and I apologize.”

The Argentine international is the only player to have publicly directed the reports so far.

How did that happen?

The party took place on Wednesday evening in McKennie’s Turin chalets, according to the regional newspaper Printed, They alerted local police around 11:30 p.m., after reports of local time.

Someone on the property plot was initially denied permission to enter the authorities, and by then it was clear that Juve’s McKennie, Dybala and Arthur stars were involved.

There are still more details, even though the three players have no international duty, as they were not chosen by their nations during the March break.

What repetitions will they face?

The three players were fined by local authorities after the incident, but are expected to have more action at the club in the coming days.

Juventus may also choose to be fined financially, but the club may decide to take short-term suspensions.

That would surely do a lot of damage to the players and the lineup, as Bianconeri will be 10 points behind the leaders of the Inter Series as the end-of-season business approaches.

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