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Kai Havertz: Thomas Tuchel doesn’t want Chelsea to look for a “disaster” like Diego Costa ahead Football news

Kai Havertz: Thomas Tuchel doesn’t want Chelsea to look for a “disaster” like Diego Costa ahead Football news

Thomas Tuchel says Kai Havertz should not be fooled by the body language of Chelsea midfielder and hopes to play as a former club striker for Diego Costa.

The German ended a long wait to score his second goal in the Premier League when he won 4-1 at Crystal Palace on Saturday after nearly six months in a first-class strike against Southampton.

Havertz was impressed and helped Christian Pulisic’s first effort as he scored Paul Gascoigne’s miracle goal, but a volley over Patrick Van Aanholt was saved.

After signing Bayer Leverkusen in the summer for 71 million euros, it has taken him 21 years to settle down, the damage caused by the coronavirus and several injuries are not helpful, but his director and compatriot is full of admiration for Havertze.

The Chelsea coach said: “It’s just that you’re going to feel completely angry or see that guy. For some you feel like they have to fight with others to get to a certain moment.


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“He’s not a Diego Costa guy, this is easy and I will never ask him to become this.

“Sometimes you can’t confuse it with his body language. He doesn’t give it his all. He’s a very calm character, but he knows his quality very well. I can repeat that he was raised.

“The club is moving from Leverkusen to Chelsea, the club where you have to win and play games, and everyone expects that, so I’m very happy that it’s out of their comfort zone and ready to show.

“What we can ask of him is quality and that can help him become a team and an important player if he can show that regularly and show that he is involved in the games and shows his quality on the pitch.”

The potential of Havertz was seen on the screen in Selhurst Park and Tuchel seems to be more there, but he is not ready to make bold statements about how good the German international can be.

If it had been more clinical, the Blues attacker could have ended up with a trio and remains an area that requires more work.

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Graeme Souness and Darren Bent have discussed Chelsea after a 4-1 win over Crystal Palace and whether Erling Haaland should be the first transfer in the summer.

“We’ll see, I can’t tell you the date or the level. I don’t know the level it’s reaching and how fast it can do it,” Tuchel added.

“It’s up to him to show quality. He has already shown a very good performance against Everton and Atletico. For us, he had a tough game against Porto and the talk was very easy; go and show that you can do better and fight for your place. You have a second chance and he did it. .

“It can be even relentless at the end because it has added quality and I want to show that quality. It doesn’t have to be our emotional leader, because it’s not that guy and it’s not necessary.

“But in terms of controlling the ball, keeping it in difficult situations, having small races, being in high positions and making good finishes and assists: this is what we demand. He has to show up and show. This is an offensive player life at Chelsea.”

Roy Hodgson says he was aware of Havertz's quality after seeing him in Bundesliga action last season
Roy Hodgson says he was aware of Havertz’s quality after watching the Bundesliga match last season

A hat-trick against Barnsley in September highlighted what Havertz could do, but it was on Saturday that he took the Premier League by surprise for the first time.

It was no surprise that opposition leader Roy Hodgson, who spent time watching the former Bayer Leverkus player when the coronavirus pandemic began last year.

He said: “At a time when we didn’t get football more than the Bundesliga, I saw a lot and I saw a lot since he came to Chelsea.

“He’s definitely a tremendous talent, very skilled at the ball and very skilled with his movements.”

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