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Kim Jong Un has warned of North Korea’s new “Tough March”

Kim Jong Un has warned of North Korea’s new “Tough March”

Kim Jong Un has warned North Koreans to protect themselves from hardship and isolation after making public reference to the country’s devastating famine in the 1990s.

The North Korean leader, speaking at a conference he held during the tenure of the Korean Workers’ Party on Thursday, warned of “the many obstacles and difficulties we face.”

“I made the decision to ask WPK organizations at all levels, its central committee and cell secretaries from all parties to make another‘ tedious march ’more difficult to alleviate our people’s hardship,” Kim said. State media reported the leader’s address, which he gave to the party’s cell secretaries.

The warning was given as follows worries assembled between international human rights groups, non-governmental organizations and foreign diplomats as a result of a humanitarian catastrophe within an already impoverished nation.

The reference to the “tedious march,” a euphemistic name given to the time when famine killed millions, did not necessarily mean that the domestic situation was as bad as the 1990s, with former U.S. government official Rachel Lee an expert in deciphering North Korean propaganda and propaganda.

But, he said, Kim’s remarks appeared to “confirm the seriousness of the economic difficulties,” as well as the leaders “without counting on the decision on them with better external factors, that is, to improve relations with the United States.”

“Inside, Kim tells people about the long economic hardships and the hard work of improving the economy, like the‘ Tough March ’in the’ 90s, ”Lee said.

He added: “From the outside, he says he will not lower the barrier to negotiations with the US to remove sanctions. He sees the improvement of US-North Korea relations as a long-term problem and is prepared accordingly.”

These are statistics about the economy of an isolated country notoriously reliable. And the country’s international outlook has been further damaged, after most foreign diplomats and international aid workers in Pyongyang were forced to leave the country. Their movements were limited within the government’s response to the pandemic.

However, many experts believe that North Korea has the worst economic downturn since the 1990s. Last year’s sharp border closures, trade sanctions and the damage caused by floods and typhoons have tripled the economy.

South Korea has called on the international community to consider easing sanctions and boosting aid to North Koreans.

But Pyongyang has relied on outside help when it comes to providing support and vaccinations because it fears a transmission of the coronavirus. The country is also moving forward nuclear weapons program and to make money through illegal activities, including illegal imports and cybercrime.

Fears of North Korea arise when the Joe Biden administration is examining the U.S. policy toward the country. Analysts generally expect to allow humanitarian aid under the new policy, but the easing of sanctions will depend on verifiable steps to significantly denuclearize.

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