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Kyle Trask Draft: Steelers, Bears, Washington Fits Florida QB among the best NFL drafts of 2021

Kyle Trask Draft: Steelers, Bears, Washington Fits Florida QB among the best NFL drafts of 2021

After five quarters, they went as expected on the first day 2021 NFL draftThere will still be a viable option in a strong position position as a future incumbent. It would be Kyle Trask of Florida, a season that will allow him to finish fourth in the Heisman Trophy.

Trask (6-5, 240 pounds) was in the SEC with Mac Jones of Alabama as a fast-growing prospect in the SEC. Jones raised his playing level in the College Football Playoff to take his star-skilled players to another national Crimson Tide tournament. Trask didn’t get a positive post-season showcase without a key goal in the Gators Cotton Bowl draft.

Trask has the size, strong arm, and accuracy to be successful in the NFL, but he’s the pinnacle as a starting and mid-second solution for the second round because he’s a prototype pocket pass for professionals who need system support and development. become a complete passer. He took advantage of Florida’s big goals, soon to be first-graders Kyle Pitts and Kadarius Toney.

There will be several NFL teams that would be interested in taking a potential starting QB in the first round, but they have had too little choice. Others will consider Trask more for taking office in the near future.

Here are the places to probably land for Trask, probably on April 30, the 2nd night of the draft, in the second or third round:

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Kyle Trask fits in with the best draft of the 2021 NFL

1. Washington Soccer Team (No. 51 or 74 overall)

Washington is replacing Alex Smith with Ryan Fitzpatrick replacing him as the new bridge QB. The football team’s development opportunities are former Panthers Kyle Allen and Taylor Heinicke, who are familiar with Scott Turner’s scheme under Ron Rivera. Trask’s skill set would suggest that the system can be well-adjusted if the WFT wants to have another immediate option that can be turned into a long-term one.

With No. 19 in the first round, a top five QB should be available. But Washington has two innings with 2 points on two nights to get Trask out of the final third round coming from the 49ers.

2. Chicago Bears (No. 52)

The Bears went with Andy Dalton as the QB bridge to prevent Nick Foles from starting again after Mitchell Trubisky (Bills) re-signed. But Dalton, like Fitzpatrick, also got a $ 10 million one-year contract. Chicago made that similar move knowing they could be lucky in the first round as well, and they need a definitive solution.

Trask’s style should be appealing to offensive coach Matt Nagy and coordinator Bill Lazor. Dalton, who played for Cincorin Lazor, had a parallel chance with Trask when Bengals took him in the second round in 2011.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 55)

The Steelers are squeezing in another 39-year season for Ben Roehtlisberger despite suffering a massive physical decline as a result of a right elbow injury last season. The strength of his arm became limited and he should wear it in 2021. Going after Trask would make sense as a transition plan in the middle of the second round.

Pittsburgh needs a lot of attention to direct the ball more efficiently with the redesigned line and has plenty of young receivers in JuJu Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool. Trask can get along well with the help of new offensive coordinator Matt Canada with the help of Roethlisberger regardless of his feelings about being a guard who throws ducks.

4. New England Patriots (No. 46)

The Patriots should be mentioned with all quarterback chances in this draft, but overall No. 15, unless negotiated, would have to join Washington and the Bears to be unlucky for the first five rounds. If Trask were worthy of a pick in the second round, they shouldn’t have hesitated before Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick were ahead of Washington and the Bears.

New England may want more multifaceted double threats in the QB, but in terms of mentality and skill set to overcome, Trask should be attractive for traditional rapid development, as the Patriots came out of the QB in the last second round. , Jimmy Garoppolo. They also have much greater support at both veterans ’narrow extremities, a deeper body reception, and a strong line to lift a young passer-by like Trask.

5. Atlanta Falcons (No. 35 or 68)

The Falcons will no longer think about saving a rising QB like Trey Lance from North Dakota, with No. 4 overall, with the 49ers likely to put him at No. 3 to get above the third QB table. But the Falcons may think Pound will add potential heir to Matt Ryan at the start of Round 2. Trask has some athletic limitations, but he can work well with Arthur Smith’s offense with the wide support of the receivers and the expected better running game.

6. Las Vegas Raiders (No. 49 or No. 80 or No. 81)

The Raiders had the best season of Derek Carr’s career, arguably the previous season. But despite bringing in Marcus Mariota, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock would return to throwing tires and developing a true replacement for Carr in the near future. Carr has easy contracts this season and the next from 30 to 30 before becoming a free agent in 2023.

Trask may work well in Greg Olson’s version of the West Coast game, as the Raiders may also include some concepts to help. Trask is likely to enter the 3rd round.

7. Detroit Lions (No. 41 or 72)

The Lions made it difficult to get Jared Goff’s contract out in 2022, now restructuring to lighten the cap. If he had a relationship with his new team this season, they could split the tracks for next year through trade or eat a larger amount of money on June 1 with a bigger cut.

New GM Brad Holmes said he was impressed with the quarterfinals of the class, even after the exchange with Matthew Stafford-for-Goff Rams. If the Lions like Trask as a young and fresh alternative to rooting for Goff in the long run, they have 2 potential chances tonight to get him.

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