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Lakers GM Rob Pelinka: Wants to reorganize the team, “smartly built” championship level

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka: Wants to reorganize the team, “smartly built” championship level

The Lakers ’hopes of defending their 2020 NBA title didn’t fall far short. Therefore, GM Rob Pelinka wants to resume the list.

In his outgoing interview After the Lakers season, Pelinka himself and owner Jeanie Buss discussed their vision for the Lakers. Their vision? A level of the tournament to “build in a clear way”.

“Jeanie and the property team have made it possible for the first office to do one thing and that is to build a list to win tournaments,” Pelinka said. “That’s been the hallmark of this team since it was acquired by Dr. Buss and it still is today. Clearly, all 30 teams in the NBA are limited by a salary limit, so we have to be very smart to know how we put the whole puzzle together. there is only one goal, and he is doing it intelligently to have a tournament team.

“I think next year, of course, hopefully all of our fans will come back and be part of the building, so we owe it to them to start the reorganization process and have a championship-level team that can do special things next year, and that’s the passion to drive and that’s aligned. Jeanie, the head office, the coach and our players will always be the goal. “

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It’s definitely a good approach for the Lakers to take. They don’t have to rush too hard to get another title. After all, they still have LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the team. James lost 27 games and Davis lost 36 in the 72-game season, finishing 42-30 with the Lakers and finishing 7th in the West.

The Lakers have a chance to reshape the roster around James and Davis. The Lakers have just five players on the team with guaranteed contracts in the 2021-22 season: James, Davis, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma and Marc Gasol. Montrezl Harrell has a player option of less than $ 10 million and Alfonzo McKinnie does not guarantee a $ 1.9 million contract.

This leaves the Lakers with a lot of potential positions on the roster, so a lot of opportunities to bring in new veterans to fit around James and Davis are better than the 2020-21 selection.

That said, Pelinka is comfortable trying to bring in at least a few of the Lakers ’“ main team of players ”.

“When it comes to free agency, once again, we feel like we have a team of players who can do special things,” Pelinka said. “And I’m sure, once again, without the unpredictable situation this year, that we would have to face the challenges, we would be a tournament team, so the goal is to try to keep that basic team together.

“And, of course, with players like Talen Horton-Tucker, Alex Caruso and Kyle Kuzma – the players you get into your two-way system and develop and develop and develop – there’s a level of pride in that, and what the Lakers have been able to grow with those players. “Of course, our goal would be to keep our core together and be a tournament team.”

The Lakers can return players like Horton-Tucker and Caruso while protecting areas of vulnerability with outside help to maintain continuity. That may be the smartest way for Pelinka to build the team, especially considering that Los Angeles suffered injuries to James and Davis largely down that stretch.

We’ll see what the Lakers do soon, but one thing’s for sure. Another appearance in the play-in tournament will not cut the No. 7 in the West and the loss in the first round since.

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