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Latest Coronavirus: US diplomat Blinken says China should do more to stop pandemic

Latest Coronavirus: US diplomat Blinken says China should do more to stop pandemic

A total of Covid-19 cases in Japan have been confirmed by 500,000 over the weekend, official data showed. Infections have spread rapidly, more than 400,000 cases were reported in early February. Vaccines are not available in the country as it is now facing the emergence of more contagious variants.

On 19 May, for the first time since the pandemic, Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theater in London’s South Bank hopes to open its doors to the public around the world. The dream of a summer night begins the summer season of live drama and the tremendous tranquility that hangs over this beautiful Elizabethan playhouse will be broken by the sounds of the audience members.

Marchers took to the streets in Bucharest to protest restrictive measures to combat the spread of Covid-19, as Romania registered 4,000 new cases and more than 139 deaths on Saturday. About 1,000 people gathered in Victory Square and University Square, opposite place calls and business closures.

Thailand released 967 new coronaviruses on Sunday, a one-day record for Southeast Asian countries the third wave of infections. The new cases brought the number of infections in Thailand to 32,625 and the death toll was 97, according to the kingdom’s disease control department.

A laboratory technician uses a pipette in the Valneva laboratories in Vienna © Akos Stiller / Bloomberg

Valneva, the French Covid-19 vaccine, backed by the UK government, has launched an initial US public offering in an attempt to take advantage of investors hunger for biotechnology during the pandemic. The Paris-listed company, with a market of more than a billion euros, raised $ 100 million in U.S. Depository Shares.

Shares of Novacyt listed in London fell nearly 40 per cent to 421.4p before issuing over the weekend notice of entry When the UK Department of Health and Social Care failed to extend the supply contract for the Covid-19 test. Novacyt said he has taken legal advice, adding that he “has strong reasons to claim contract rights.”

Vaccitech, the owner of the technology behind the AstraZeneca vaccine, has warned of concerns about the rare side effect of blood clotting. affect popularity products in its pipeline. The Oxford University spinout on Friday released a prospectus for an initial public offering of at least $ 100 million on the Nasdaq.

China’s Disease Control Center is thinking mixing vaccines and changing the sequence of doses to improve efficacy. The head of the Gao Fu agency said that health authorities are “looking at how to solve the problem that the effectiveness of existing vaccines is not high,” according to local media.

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