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Leafs’ Joe Thornton has congratulated Patrick Marleau on his NHL record

Leafs’ Joe Thornton has congratulated Patrick Marleau on his NHL record

Patrick Marleau made NHL history on Monday with his 1,768. when he skated in the game, he overtook Gordie Howe to become the leader in every NHL game.

Of his 1,768 games in the NHL, Marleau played 1,596 with sharks, eight penguins and 164 maples. And, as anyone in the game knows, he left his mark in Toronto, taking young stars Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner under his wing. So congratulations and congratulatory messages it flows through social media For the 41-year-old veteran, the couple also sent their love to Marleau.

Sharks posted a video of the couple. Marleau’s 12-year-old (and 75-year-old) came with a surprise cameo from Joe Thornton’s former teammate.

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“Hello Patty, I want to congratulate you on your amazing milestones and achievements,” Matthews says to begin the video. “I know myself and Mitchie, a tremendous honor and privilege to meet you and to play with you for two years and build an amazing friendship.”

“We want to thank you for lending Joe. The process has been ongoing with us all along,” Marner added as Thornton walks naked through the porch. (Calm down, things are blurry).

“Another father figure,” Marner said. “I want to congratulate you on this achievement and have fun with your family friend.”

It’s hard to know if someone has the right face all wearing masks, per NHL protocol, but here’s the video:

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