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Let ‘Lonely Mountains: Downhill’ Take Your Breath Away

Let ‘Lonely Mountains: Downhill’ Take Your Breath Away

Lonely Mountains: downhill it doesn’t open with a rubber squeal, but with a jangling Alpen bell. An avatar on a mountain bike wearing blue is at the top of the track holding the handlebars. The surrounding landscape is calm: butterflies roam and clouds pass through the grass. Then, as they set off, the wind crackled and the chains swayed. Their thicker descent and larger shrubbery make the trees and wildlife more audible. At the finish line there are no cheering crowds or podiums soaked in champagne; instead, the orange tent, sleeping bag, and light on the hillside are disappearing.

Until when Lonely Mountains: downhillExtreme sports games always seemed like a huge account, a rich attention to detail, for a culture that pumps the adrenaline that goes with them and consumes the energy they drink. Soundtracks would explode as players were violently crafted through courses dressed in prominent brands. Developer Megagon Industries represents extreme sports differently; loneliness, as the title of his game suggests, is fundamental, and is the starting point for an experience that conveys the sensual and emotional appeal of throwing through the desert. Here, the basics of the sport are based on the relationship between people and place, machine and mountain; it requires players to pay special attention to the environments of its intricate digital plot in order to have intimacy with the mountain range.

Released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019 and Nintendo Switch 2020, the game has never been more accessible or accepted. The Volcanic island the download content reached the end of last year and intensified the show; its developer continues to offer daily challenges in the global rankings that pit players against each other. In Game Pass, a Microsoft subscription service, I’ve been playing it for a month with an increasing obsession. In a way, arcade-esque title “sticky” that seems to be going well on the platform; there is always another time to improve in courses that remain fresh thanks to subtle arrangements. I make an effort to get back into the game every day, putting his tests into my inner rhythm.

Cycling and Hiking through Virtual Nature

If there was one player’s mantra, it would be “another,” which emerges beneath each enduring breath. Lonely Mountains: downhill this response is greatly encouraged but it gets to feel as fresh as a stream of cold water. The elegance of its aesthetics is striking; look at the screenshots of the game and you will see a style of small detail but rich mood, full of earthy green, blue, red and brown. On the move, it’s even more appealing, in part because of the clean sound design. There is no music: all we hear are the sounds of passing nature, muddy tires and flashing bicycle machinery.

Making the game is pretty easy; tighten the right starter and the bike moves forward; it causes the left to brake and there is another accelerator button. The trick is to know how to do anything and just let the impulses out of control. In a way, it reminds me less of his most obvious predecessor, viz Probak series, Rather than Hideo Kojima’s 2019 mountain adventure Death Stranding, which offered a natural world with the same look to move players. Each of these games presents the landscape as a site of friction rather than a fluid. In Kojima, the land must be explored to find potential dangers as it progresses; in Lonely Mountains: downhill, you read the environment faster and more sensibly. With a stroke of psychedelia, the occasional presentation of the game and the physics seemed very convincing to me, as I was deceived into thinking that my head could feel every single stone slipping on the bike.

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