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Liam Moore: Reading Captain Turns Off “Toxic” Twitter for Racist Abuse | Football news

Liam Moore: Reading Captain Turns Off “Toxic” Twitter for Racist Abuse |  Football news

Reading Captain Liam Moore has deactivated his Twitter account after highlighting that he has been abused on the platform.

In one of his posts before the account was removed, Moore highlighted a user-generated survey, including a derogatory term to describe it, and said Twitter is “making it easier” for people to abuse it.

The last tweet said, “I really enjoyed the fact that many of you are involved here, but tonight is just another example of how toxic Twitter is!

“You have to defend something and that’s why I’m deactivating my account.

“Thank you for your help.”

Moore joins a growing list of players who have suffered network abuse in recent weeks, but also a list of people who are willing to leave social media.


Athletic’s David Ornstein believes that boycotts on social media are an applaudable step, not a long-term solution, and that players will have to permanently remove the platforms.

In March, the former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry described racism on social media Because he is “too toxic to forget” and has disabled all his accounts due to abuse on the platform.

This Thursday, the Sky Bet Tournament clubs Swansea City and Birmingham City announced they were boycotting social media for a week after “embarrassing” racial abuse on the platforms.

The Rangers were joined by Scottish Premiership champions, a player and a management team announcing a boycott of social media to respond to online abuse and discrimination. Director Steven Gerrard has said so “disappointed and angry” with social media companies about continued online abuse.

In the face of online abuse, a Twitter spokesperson said: “Together with our football partners, we condemn racism in all its forms.

“Racist behavior, abuse and harassment have no place in our service. On Twitter, protecting the health of public conversation is essential for us, which means ensuring Twitter is a safe place to express yourself and continue the conversation about football. Without fear of abuse or fear.”

Hatred will not stop us

Sky Sports is committed to turning our channels on skysports.com and social media platforms into sites for comments and discussions free from abuse, hatred and malice.

For more information, visit: www.skysports.com/hatewontstopus

If you see the answer Sky Sports messages and / or hate content due to race, color, color, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, age or class, please copy the URL to the hate message or write and email here.

Kick It Out by denouncing racism

Online report form Kick It Out

Kick It Out is a football equality and inclusion organization. She works in the football, education and community sectors to combat discrimination, promote inclusive practices and campaign for positive change.


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