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Lifetime Achievement: Anthony Fauci, MD

Lifetime Achievement: Anthony Fauci, MD

Anthony Fauci, MD, when the country was called upon to correct the COVID-19 response within the White House in January 2020 coronavirus the working group, which had a deadly virus with the health crisis for the first time, was far away. As the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, Fauci, who joined the administration of President Joe Biden as chief medical adviser, has overseen efforts to control it. HIV, Ebola, and Zika. However, he has never seen anything like the new coronavirus.

“HIV evolved in a malicious way, and it wasn’t for a very long time that people fully appreciated how serious it was and how severe it was,” he says. Despite the enormous size of HIV, nearly 33 million people worldwide have died AIDS-related diseases since the epidemic began in 1981 -the speed of COVID-19 has been extraordinary. “You have a new virus that evolved in December 2019, was identified in January 2020, and then, literally, in less than a year, it has exploded on the planet to become the most challenging and destructive. pandemic 102 years of a respiratory infection. “

Fauci has been concerned for years – and warned – about the possibility of the virus jumping from animal to human and spreading easily from one person to another, resulting in millions of deaths. He calls it “the worst nightmare”. “I live what I described now,” he says. “I hoped we would never have that appearances, but unfortunately for us. “

Efforts to control the pandemic and minimize the number of lives lost keep Fauci busy at night and on 18-hour workdays. Appearances in the middle of a divisive election year only added to the difficulty of having him. “It’s amazing when you have over 500,000 people [as of early March 2021] those who have died and people say it is not real. It is a scam. It’s very difficult to wrap your arms around that, ”he says.

While it has been as unimaginably dark as the pandemic, there have also been clear points. Three vaccines developed, approved, and incorporated into millions of weapons within a few months of the effort it took 7-10 years before. “If it’s something we should be very proud of, that’s how the scientific community has responded,” Fauci says.

It adds to the combination of the vaccine and broad adherence to public health measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing in the end “it will end as we know it.” However, the possibility of another pandemic spreading to the horizon. “We will continue to have outbreaks of new infectious diseases. … It’s a trick, how do we respond to them? “The better prepared we are to deal with a pandemic, the less likely we are to get an outbreak of the magnitude we are seeing now.”

WebMD Exclusive: 2021 Becomes a Personal Health Hero

Who is your hero?

I have a group of heroes: health care providers who get up every day and go to work and put themselves at risk of caring for people who are desperately ill.

If you did something to help others, what would you do?

I would like to have a health care system that allows for fair and quality health care for all.

What is the job of your dreams?

What I am doing right now.

What do you do to relax?

I don’t relax so much, but the only thing I do consistently is to do a powerful walk of about 4 miles with my wife as many days a week as possible.


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