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Mammogram rates are rebounding, concerns remain

Mammogram rates are rebounding, concerns remain

“These kinds of things can affect the results. It’s one thing to delay the screening by three or six months, for example, but we worry a little more for a whole year or even more. or losing health insurance, which may leave the screening altogether, ”Sprage said.

According to the study, the bounce between black and white women was stronger than that of Asian and Hispanic women, although it is not clear why. The study was a sampling of U.S. radiology facilities that had a diverse population in general, Sprague said, but may also reflect what was happening at some of those specific sites.

The findings were recently published Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Spragh said more research is being done to understand the impact of pandemics on the detection and outcome of breast cancer.

According to another recent report, while cancer screening rates have begun to pick up, patients are being diagnosed with more advanced cancers than the pandemic.

“The trend of more advanced diseases, while worrisome, does not automatically lead to poor patient outcomes,” Dr. Thomas Eichler, president of the Oncology Association for the American Society, told reporters in a statement last week. “Modern treatments, such as stereotactic radiotherapy or immunotherapy drugs, can compensate for some of the threats with advanced stage cancer.”

Dr. Julie Gralow, medical director of the American Clinical Oncology Association, noted that another demographic group, in their 70s, has experienced more delays in mammographic diagnoses in the early days of the pandemic, although those numbers have also declined.

Predictions made at the start of the pandemic assumed that the number of kidnappings for six months would not fall again, but that seems to have happened much faster, Gralow said. This can mean that there are fewer deaths than average above what experts have expressed concerns about earlier than experts said.

Now, it is important to reassure those who have not yet returned that it is time to return to regular health maintenance, which includes screening for breast, cervical and colon cancer.

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