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Man City: When can they win the Premier League title and what about the Quadruple? | Football news

Man City: When can they win the Premier League title and what about the Quadruple?  |  Football news

Manchester City are looking for more silverware, but when will they be able to win the Premier League title and what else is on offer to claim the unprecedented Four?

Pep Guardiola’s side are reclaiming their Liverpool league crown and could still add a double-header at home, as well as a Champions League trophy that has so far eluded them.

Here we determine the permutations of the Premier League as the 2020/21 campaign reaches its peak time, marking key dates elsewhere and the chances of a better verdict on winner Gary Neville Treble …

Premier League: The city has scored four victories out of glory


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Manchester City still have a 14-point lead over Manchester United in the Premier League after both sides won the return leg from the international break, although their closest rivals have the game in hand.

If United win that, and City have a much bigger goal difference, 11 points would seal the title.

Four wins would ensure that – which would mean that United will continue to win all their games.

The city’s next Premier League task is at home in Leeds on 10 April with a trip to Aston Villa on 21 April.

But the subsequent commitment to other competitions means he will probably have to wait until May to get fireworks and tapes.

City’s next Premier League matchday will be at Crystal Palace on May 1; If they had already won for the third time in the league and continued to win, Guardiola’s side would have won the Premier League trophy at home if Chelsea had won. May 8.

If the city has won three and drawn so far, a trip to Newcastle on 12 May could be key.

But the City simply needs four victories for the glory – and perhaps fewer, depending on the results of the opponents.

The Centurions will not be repeating this season but Guardiola hopes to bring his team as close as possible to the maximum 95 points provided by the rest of the matches.

Carabao Cup: Tottenham’s last hurdle

Manchester City celebrated their second goal when they won the Manchester United (AP) Carabao Cup
Manchester City saw their neighbors reach the Carabao Cup display

Before making any Premier League crowns, City hopes to have another cup in the cabinet.

Manchester City kept alive their fourth hope of winning the Carabao Cup in a row after beating rivals Manchester United.

The starters will face Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham in the Wembley final Sunday, April 25th (Start at 16:00).

FA Cup: Chelsea next

Manchester City have reached the FA Cup quarter-finals for the first time in three years since 1932
He has reached the quarter-finals of the Manchester City FA Cup three years in a row

City have also booked a Wembley appointment for the FA Cup.

Guardiola’s side will host Chelsea in the semi-finals this weekend April 17/18, the final in the same place – potentially in front of 20,000 fans – activated May 15.

Champions League: Haaland, Lewandowski, Mbappe

Erling Haaland celebrated Borussia Dortmund's scoring against Sevilla
Man City will be one of the hottest strikers in football next in the Champions League

After winning Borussia Monchengladbach 4-0 in aggregate To reach the Champions League quarter-finals, City will continue to win the European elite club trophy against another Bundesliga team at Borussia Dortmund.

The Guardiola boys will form Dortmund and Erling Haaland along both legs April 6/7 and April 13/14.

Overcome this tie and City would face another heavyweight opponent – Bayern Munich or Paris Saint-Germain – to reach the final, playing the first leg of the finals. April 27/28 and on the decision May 4/5.

The city has been out of the quarter-finals for the past three seasons, but will be disappointed at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium May 29.

If they get it, will they be 90 minutes or more from Laukoiti?

Neville’s verdict: Will the city do it?

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne congratulates Borussia Moenchengladbach on goal
Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne congratulates Borussia Monchengladbach on goal

Sky Sports team Gary Neville, Gary Neville Podcast:

“Is it credible for City? The league is theirs. You can’t say the FA Cup is theirs – but what a chance.

“I think Tottenham, in a single game [in the Carabao Cup final], can do something. They have won the matches; they have players who are able to withstand three, four attacks and survive. With Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane, they will only need three chances in the game to score two goals and with players like Steven Bergwijn, Lucas Moura and Son, they can counterattack.

“The teams that are doing well against the town are the ones that have really electric players to recover quickly but then get back on the field and break City’s counter-press.

“Tottenham could cause them a problem, but I think City will win the League Cup.

“The Champions League is always the hardest. In the Champions League, there is always a team that can do what Manchester United did to City a few weeks ago.

“They’re pretty good; they’ve got talent and they’ve got the team.

“I don’t think the town will ever have a better chance.”

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