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March Madness Predictions 2021: Using KenPom to Select NCAA Bracket Disorders, Final Four

March Madness Predictions 2021: Using KenPom to Select NCAA Bracket Disorders, Final Four

If you don’t consult Ken Pomeroy of the same name KenPom ratings If you choose the 2021 NCAA Championship bracket over the last four, you would be doing it wrong. It’s called March Madness because of its unexpected sadness, early departures, and wonderful finishes – but in the end, it’s still a statistical sense.

Sure, Dick Vitale is horrible, baby, and Charles Barkley gives you so much more than Chuck-les, but Ken Pomeroy’s deep distribution of parentheses based on numbers is no longer an excellent analysis; it also has a history of success.

You can learn a lot by looking at the results of the last 12 NCAA Championships. Since Kansas cut the nets in 2008 until Virginia took the final title two years ago, only five teams (10.4 percent) in KenPom’s top 20 have qualified for the Final Four of KenPom’s top 20. Along with Virginia (No. 1 in KenPom), in the 2019 Final Four they were runners-up Texas Tech (No. 5 in KenPom), Michigan State (No. 3 in KenPom) and Auburn (No. 11 in KenPom). .

Eight of the last 12 NCAA champions were ranked No. 1 in KenPom. Another, Gonzaga in 2017, played the championship game. Another, Kentucky in 2015, won the Final Four.

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So there you will find the right chalk. But KenPom can also help you identify sleep and bust brackets based on two signature statistics: adjusted offensive effectiveness and adjusted defensive effectiveness. If one team is highly valued in both groups, this can make up for the other extreme shortcomings.

In 2018, when Loyola Chicago fell to the Final Four, she had the No. 17 KenPom defense on her side. In 2017, South Carolina ranked 91st in offense, but Cinderella advanced to the Fourth Final in 7th place thanks to a third-ranked defense. In 2013, Louisville was in its seventh offense and top defense in the Quarterfinals.

Throw has been the biggest statistical anomaly since 2010 for both teams – VCU and Butler in 2011 – and it’s nothing surprising considering KenPom in the national semifinals. If a team is valued in both attack and defense, it can expect anyone to win at any point in the tournament.

But before you use KenPom to make your March Madness bracket options, here are a few things to know about this year’s NCAA Championship field, based on its ratings:

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KenPom March 2021 Madness Ratings

Major teams in the NCAA Championship

1. Gonzaga (No. 1 of the West)
2. Michigan (Eastern No. 1)
3. Illinois (Midwest No. 1)
4. Baylor (South No. 1)
5. Iowa (Western No. 2)
6. Houston (Midwest No. 2)
7. Ohio State (Southern No. 2)
8. Alabama (East No. 2)

Major groups adapted to offensive effectiveness

1. Gonzaga (No. 1 of the West)
2. Iowa (Western No. 2)
3. Baylor (South No. 1)
4. Ohio State (Southern No. 2)
5. LSU (No. 8 East)
6. Michigan (Eastern No. 1)
7. Illinois (Midwest No. 1)
8. Houston (Midwest No. 2)

Major teams adapted to defensive efficiency

1. Loyola-Chicago (No. 8 in the Midwest)
2. Alabama (East No. 2)
3. Tennessee (5th Midwest West)
4. Illinois (Midwest No. 1)
5. Kansas (West No. 3)
6. Michigan (Eastern No. 1)
7. State of Utah (No. 11 in the South)
8. Gonzaga (No. 1 in the West)

Probably KenPom-based first-round disturbances

1. Wisconsin No. 9 North Carolina (South) More than No. 8
2. Clemson Rutgers on No. 7 No. 10 (Midwest)
3. St. Bonaventure No. 9 LSU No. 8 (East)
4. 10 VCUs above No. 7 in Oregon (West).
5. Virginia Tech No. 10 than Florida No. 7 (South)
6. Maryland No. 10 over Connecticut No. 7 (East)
7. Utah State No. 11 Texas Tech No. 6 (South)
8. UCLA No. 11 (if he plays) Over 6 BYU (East)

Most of the minimum teams in the NCAA Championship

1. Wisconsin (No. 10 in KenPom, No. 9 in the South)
2. Loyola-Chicago (No. 8 in KenPom, No. 8 in the Midwest)
3. Connecticut (KenPom No. 16, East No. 7)
4. St. Bonaventure (KenPom No. 25, East No. 9)
5. USC (No. 14 in KenPom, No. 6 in the West)
6. Maryland (KenPom No. 31, East No. 10)
7. Villanova (No. 12 in KenPom, No. 5 in the South)
8. Rutgers (No. 34 at KenPom, No. 10 at Midwest)

The most rated teams in the NCAA Championship

1. West Virginia (No. 27 in KenPom, No. 3 in Midwest)
2. Missouri (No. 51 in KenPom, No. 9 in the West)
3. Texas (No. 26 at KenPom, No. 3 East)
4. State of Oklahoma (KenPom No. 30. Midwest No. 4)
5. Clemson (No. 42 in KenPom, No. 7 in the Midwest)
6. Kansas (No. 22 in KenPom, No. 3 in the West)
7. Virginia Tech (No. 50 at KenPom, No. 10 South)
8. Florida (No. 37 in KenPom, No. 7 in the South)

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March Madness parenthesis predictions 2021

Western region

Southern region

(SN illustration)

Midwest region

(SN illustration)

Eastern region

(SN illustration)

Final Four options

  • Gonzaga
  • Ohio State
  • Illinois
  • Michigan

National Champion: Gonzaga

Gonzaga’s 26-0 resume in 2019 has the same feeling as Virginia’s resume at the top of the KenPom rankings. In that tournament, Gonzaga was second in KenPom and angry with his powerful fifth team at KenPom, Texas Tech, Elite Eight.

This year, Gonzaga has a similar hurdle: Iowa, the No. 2 seed in the West, is also the No. 5 seed in KenPom. The parenthesis before that point is very good. For the Bulldogs, it’s up to the Hawkeyes to avoid ending another season of hopeful levels in the Final Four.

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Zaga’s move to the national semifinals is one of the top-ranked attacks and better defensive effectiveness than the Hawkeyes. The seeds of No. 1 plus ten powers, Illinois and Michigan, are very good teams. Baylor is No. 4 overall in KenPom, but there’s a big drop to No. 44 in defensive efficiency, making it much more dangerous than the other three seeds.

Based on the construction of both teams, Gonzaga and Michigan would represent the two best teams gathered in the Indianapolis national semifinals. With Illinois, the seed for the Midwest ahead of Houston and West Virginia, is the second safest bet to reach the quarterfinals, while Alabama, however, is Michigan’s most dangerous final regional opponent. In the end, Illinois will be the Zagas who will bring down Illini after they cross Ohio State again.

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