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Matt Harvey from Orio has admitted that he was holding back tears from the applause of the Mets crowd

Matt Harvey from Orio has admitted that he was holding back tears from the applause of the Mets crowd

Since playing his last game with Mets in 2018, Matt Harvey returned to Citi Field on Wednesday to face his former team.

The Orio pitcher may not have had the best performance of the season, but he certainly won’t forget his return to New York for a long time.

Before Harvey took the mound to face the Mets, the former New Yorker received a standing ovation from the crowd.

That gesture said a lot to Harvey, who enjoyed the best years of his career with the Mets and was part of the accumulated pitching staff that helped lead the team to the World Series in 2015. , he wasn’t sure if he would be well received.

“Of course, the last two years weren’t going the way I wanted them to,” Harvey said to reporters after the match. “Between injuries and, in my opinion, getting in my way and creating some of those problems, I’m sorry for the fans. Maybe I left. I’d say they would understand if they said it was reasonable. [boo me], but I’m glad it went the other way. “

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Harvey thanked the faithful Mets for welcoming him back, but also admitted that he was facing tears as he played on Wednesday evening.

“What the fans gave me there was pretty incredible,” Harvey said. “I was holding back tears. I’m not going to lie about it. It was very hard to go back. It reminded me of good memories and leaving the field with such an applause brought a lot back to me. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

It’s easy to understand that Harvey appreciated this so much. Since leaving the Mets in the 2018 season, he has become quite a passenger. Being a star-studded pitcher, he has been in five different teams for the past four years and has posted 13-19 records with a 5.54 ERA.

But back in New York, he is remembered for his best days as a pitcher. And while Harvey is hopeful he will continue to grow healthy, he will be able to continue as a strong pitcher after a good start to the Baltimore season.

“I learned from my mistakes,” Harvey said. “Eventually being healthy and reinventing myself and trying to get back there – it hasn’t been easy. But now I also think things have gone in the right direction. I’m not going to beat myself up for a bad outing.”

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