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Michael Carter Jets RB gave teammate Zach Wilson a warm welcome: “He deserved to be in first place.”

Michael Carter Jets RB gave teammate Zach Wilson a warm welcome: “He deserved to be in first place.”

With No. 2 in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Jets picked quarterback Zach Wilson. At least one of his new teammates thinks it was a robbery.

Jets foreign runner Michael Carter used the final appearance SiriusXM’s NFL radio To praise Wilson’s performance at the new minicamp in New York. In fact, Wilson surprised Carter by believing that the former BYU star should have ranked 1st in the draft.

“I love Zach. We’re already locked in. That’s my boy. He’s a great player, he’s literally very good,” Carter said. “He’s very smart, he does the little things that really fascinate you. If you’re honest, he deserved to be No. 1.”

For most years, Carter may have had a case, but Trevor Lawrence has rightly been the main selection Jaguar has made in 2021.

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It’s called Lawrence Best quarterback since Andrew Luck and had a prosperous career at Clemson. The pass made 66.6% and averaged 3,366 yards per season, 30 touchdowns and 5.7 catches. He also put up a 34-2 record as a starter and took the Tigers to a national title.

Carter knows so much more. During his career in North Carolina, he played against Lawrence. But Carter made it clear that “no one hits” and playing with a talented quarterback like Wilson makes him excited.

“What I’m saying is that everyone knows that Trevor Lawrence is an elite,” Carter said. “I played with Trevor Lawrence in college, and I continued to do that week after week. Trevor Lawrence is also a special talent. What I’m saying is that some people were on Zach’s side. [to be the No. 1 pick], and I agree with them. I also feel like Zach is a great quarterback. I don’t hit anyone. I’m saying Zach is a great quarterback and I can’t wait to play with him. ”

Only time will tell whether Lawrence or Wilson will appear as the best quarterback for the pros, but both will be cheering for the Jets and Jaguars to face off in 16 weeks.

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