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MLB replay fails again after Phillies’ Alec Bohm gets spooky

MLB replay fails again after Phillies’ Alec Bohm gets spooky

Phillies third-place finisher Alec Bohm’s feet never touched the plate in his ninth home game Sunday night against the Brave. ESPN’s reruns made it clear.

The referees weren’t clear enough, calling Bohm safe at Atlanta and MLB’s New York playback center again. And that led him to play a second NL East game in four days to decide whether to accept missed or missed calls.

In real time, it looked like Travis d’Arnaud had successfully slipped around catcher Bohm Bravis, blocking the plate. But then Bohm’s foot was shown on the back of the plate with a number of playback angles showing it on his back leg.

Braves manager Brian Snitker threw the cap into the air in frustration when New York called Lance Barrett’s plate referee and then came out to argue. Snitker was sure they had done it wrong.

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What does Bohm think about all this? He had to watch a lot of plays on the Truist Park video board, right?

The referees have not yet commented.

The Phillies won 7-6.

On Thursday, the Mets opened the home door against Marlins for Michael Confort he stuck his elbow in the middle of a field with his feet loaded. He was supposed to be called to comfort on strike when he hit the ball. Playback umps allows HBP to stop.

Home plate referee Ron Kulpa himself admitted after seeing a replay that he was goofed.

To paraphrase what SNY analyst Ron Darling said after Conforto ran away with his move, why repeat it again if the referees can’t make the call?

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