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MLB rumors: Albert Pujols agrees to sign with the Dodgers

MLB rumors: Albert Pujols agrees to sign with the Dodgers

Albert Pujols did not have to wait to find another team. The Future Hall of Fame agreed a major league contract with the Dodgers on Saturday, As reported by Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times.

Castillo also reported this the agreement will not become official until Monday.

Angels released Pujols, 41, on Thursday after being nominated for May 6. Reports on Friday indicated that multiple groups were interested in the first base / DH when they intended to sign up anywhere.

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The team agreed to split Pujols and Angels when the team decided to give Pujols some DH at Shohei Ohtani and initially replace Pujols with Jared Walsh. After the DFA announcement, director Joe Maddon and CEO Perry Minasian both told reporters that Pujols was not a bank player.

But it’s the banker who will most likely become the Pujols with the Dodgers, as they have a deep roster. At first glance, he could have made a platoon with Max Muncy at first base, or he could have played the first base half regularly and Muncy could have done between first, second and third as of 2018-20.

The Dodgers will need DH for two remaining league games of the season: May 25-26 in Houston.

Regardless of what role Pujols plays, the Dodgers take very little risk. He will be paid a proportionate share of MLB’s minimum wage, which is $ 570,500. Angels will pay the rest of the $ 30 million salary in 2021. Pujols is in the final year of the $ 240 million he signed with Halos after the 2011 season.

This article will be updated.

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