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Najee Harris burns some calves with Todd McShay: “I think he can kiss my ass.”

Najee Harris burns some calves with Todd McShay: “I think he can kiss my ass.”

Troll Marea.

Alabama’s Najee Harris is expected to attend one of the first two rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft, though, according to some analysts, it’s imperfect (like all options in the NFL Draft).

ESPN editor Todd McShay’s man feels so much more about saying, among other things, that Harris ’passport capacity has improved in 2020 and that he has acceleration capability.

In “The Adam Schefter Podcast.” ESPN NFL insider Schefter read to Harris that McShay was one of the most positive – but also negative – exploratory reports, as Harris took up the subject.

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“I think Todd McShay can kiss his ass,” Harris said. “How to Tell” Did He Show Better Production? “I didn’t play my first year or second year, rarely, ever. I didn’t have a chance to show that I was capable of catching up.

“It’s not because I can’t, but because I wasn’t in the game to show the people I caught. So let’s let him look at the statistics and watch the game.”

Harris has a point. In 2019, receiving his seven TDs, he set a record for the highest peak in Crimson Tide history, achieving another four touchdowns in 2020.

Harris is seen as the main prospect looking back in the 2021 NFL Draft, number 1 or No. 2 next to Clemson’s Travis Etienne.

And, for what it’s worth, Harris can put on 600 pounds. So if McShay takes over the offer, it might cover a lot of real estate.

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