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NBA trade rumors: latest news, buzz, denounces deals as 2021 approaches

NBA trade rumors: latest news, buzz, denounces deals as 2021 approaches

With two days to go before the end of the NBA trade period, there will be rumors throughout the league, but how many deals will actually be fulfilled?

The network began its trading season in January Acquiring James Harden from the Rockets within a massive four-group deal. The deadline of 3pm this Thursday is likely to bring in more role-playing than the usual blockbusters that basketball fans are accustomed to seeing.

We shouldn’t rule out the possibility of more “Woj bombs”. A single call from a CEO is needed to get the commercial train up and running.

Sporting News will help you keep track of the trading chaos below. Here are the latest reported deals and speculation ahead of Thursday’s deadline.

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The latest rumors and news of the NBA trade

(All Eastern moments)

13:45 – So. . . Victor Oladipo should probably start packing.

13:10 – Several teams say Pacers are “listening to the pitches” of Malcolm Brogdon. According to Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, which reported that the teams are monitoring the state of Indiana in Domantas Sabonis.

11:40 – Several teams have expressed interest in Lauri Markkan’s Bulls striker. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, and Chicago is at least listening to offers. The 23-year-old will join a limited free agency this season.

11:00 – Price Note for Harrison Barnes, Aaron Gordon and Victor Oladipo:

10:15 – The Celtics see Aaron Gordon as a “pioneer” in getting magic. According to Matt Moore of The Action Network. Boston has put two first-round picks on the table, though those picks could have big protections.

09:00 – Let’s start with last week’s biggest trade. The Bucks officially acquired PJ Tucker from the Rockets on Friday, giving them a strong shooter and defender for the final playoffs and playoffs of the regular season.

“PJ Tucker checks all boxes” CEO Jon Horst Bucks said. “He is a great teammate who brings a veteran presence with the knockout experience. PJ is a versatile defender with a high IQ, plays with discipline in constant attack, is selfish, and places himself on the court space with the ability to throw all three.

What are the main goals of the NBA trade period?

Bradley Beal, wizards: The NBA’s top scorer appears only here so he can close the rumors. Washington has constantly rejected the idea of ​​negotiating Beal, and Beale has never stated that he wants to negotiate, According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania and Fred Katz. Encourage yourself to get on the trading machine and create hypothetical deals, but Beal won’t leave Washington unless there’s a big change in his relationship with the franchise.

Kyle Lowry, Raptors: Wait, go ahead the best player in franchise history? Yes, the Raptors may consider that option. Philadelphia questioner Keith Pompey reported If the Raptors and Lowry decide it’s best to split, Lowry would prefer to join the 76ers. (That’s “great” for Toronto still in the playoff picture).

Nikola Vucevic, Magia: Many groups have shown interest in the All-Star Center, According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringerincluding the Celtics, Heat, Hornets and Spurs. The asking price will be high, however, because Vucevic’s career is in full swing and he has another two seasons under contract.

LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs: There is no need for anonymous sources. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has just come out and said Aldridge will not move forward with the team as he works on the San Antonio commercial stages.

Andre Drummond, Cavaliers: The 27-year-old big man continues to play games while the Cavs look for the best possible trade package. It reports on ESPN’s Brian Windhorst That Cleveland is “playing hard” and won’t just give Drummond.

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