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New Hampshire and Oklahoma are moving to open non-resident vaccinations in Covida

New Hampshire and Oklahoma are moving to open non-resident vaccinations in Covida

New Hampshire and Oklahoma announced this week that the right to vaccinate residents is growing as supply increases more states expand eligibility.

Chris Sununu of the New Government, a Republican from New Hampshire, said officials are confident that by April 19 there will be enough shots to insert residents from outside. the same day President Biden called on all states to ensure that all adults have the right to be shot. Mr Sununu said New Hampshire was “very advanced” in that period after all adults aged 16 and over in the state were given the right to be vaccinated on 2 April.

“We’re going to have a lot of vaccines here,” he said he said on Thursday’s news, “So we really want to get out to anyone who can be here in the state.”

Mr. Sununu was criticized by students and lawmakers for failing to allow students at the state university to be vaccinated in New Hampshire. He said in the first week that the population had to arrive “first” and that college students were at lower risk compared to other age groups.

About 47% of New Hampshire’s 1.4 million population receives at least one shot, the highest in any state, according to New York Times Vaccine Monitoring. New Hampshire lags behind some other states, however, when they fully integrate their neighbors, as about 22 percent are completely inoculated.

Oklahoma began allowing residents outside the state to get vaccinated on Thursday, giving the state the right to all adults 16 years of age or older, almost two weeks earlier.

“We have always known that increasing supplies and capacity would welcome residents of neighboring states to be vaccinated in Oklahoma,” said Keith Reed, deputy commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Health. a statement. “We’re getting to that point.”

About 35% of the Oklahoma population has received at least one shot and 22% have been completely vaccinated.

Indiana too he completed the residency requirement at the end of last month. State Health Commissioner Kristina Box said officials have made changes to comply with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s site of vaccination regulations. The state also wanted it to accommodate university students and residents who live with multiple people but have no proof of residence. More than half of the states and the District of Columbia have residential conditions for vaccination, although most accept exemptions for out-of-state workers, according to a vaccine follower. Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on national health issues.

The United States is being administered on average about three million shots per day, roughly two million in early March. Although millions of Americans are being vaccinated, the country has reported a sharp rise in new cases, with an average of 67,923 new cases a day reported in the last week, according to New York Times database.

Jennifer Kates, vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said more states are likely to follow the path of New Hampshire and Oklahoma as vaccine production increases.

“If a state feels more secure in supply and doesn’t feel a crisis,” Dr. Kates said, “then the ability to support more national efforts and remove barriers to barriers is important.”

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