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NFL Draft 2021 Rumors: Jets by Steve Young’s “commitment” to Zach Wilson says Steve Young

NFL Draft 2021 Rumors: Jets by Steve Young’s “commitment” to Zach Wilson says Steve Young

Steve Young can answer the question of who will be the next quarterback for the Jets.

The Jets are said to be tied to one of the top quarters in the 2021 NFL Draft because they entertain commercials for the 2018 first-round Sam Darnold option.

Talking KNBR Radio in San Francisco, Young, an ESPN NFL analyst and former BYU and 49ers quarterback, said BYU product Zach Wilson is the No. 1 goal for the 49ers in the 2021 NFL Draft, with the No. 2 overall team officially making Wilson its selection. That would be the Jets.

“There’s no doubt in my head that if they (49 years old) figure out how to get Zach, that’s their best first choice,” Young said. “I don’t know how they get there. The Jets have committed to Zach and hired a family. I don’t know how that breaks up, but you know, look, a lot can happen.”

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Young said Wilson would like to be 49 years old, but given the 2021 NFL Draft order – the Jaguars, Jets and 49ers have numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively – it looks like Wilson is almost a lock to go to the Jets. .2 in general, if Young’s information is accurate.

“I think Zach would like it a lot, the family would like it a lot (Wilson enters at age 49), nothing would make anyone happier,” Young said. “I think that’s the 49’s, the first option that wasn’t expressed, so it would be wonderful. If it happened, they’d guess.”

ZACH WILSON MOCK DRAFT: 49ers among the best adaptations for BYU QB

The problem with “guessing something” is that the 49ers would still have to climb a place in the Jets No. 2 slot if they can somehow get away from Jets Wilson and be convinced to choose Justin Fields of Ohio State, North Dakota, Trey Lance of the State or Mac Jones of Alabama 3 in number. In other words: don’t hold your breath for 49ers fans.

Recent rumors suggest that 49 may have zeroed in on Jones with Fields and Lance’s third chance.

Young confirmed that after talking to the Jets coaches, it looks like the team is committed to Wilson in 2nd place overall.

So the 2021 NFL draft looks like a big mystery has been solved.

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