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NFL draft expert Mel Kiper has a really weird approach to eating pizza

NFL draft expert Mel Kiper has a really weird approach to eating pizza

ESPN analyst Mel Kiper has thrown a lot of heat into his NFL Draft throughout his career, but nothing he said at the league’s annual event can’t be countered by anyone who thinks about pizza.

In the last section of the Festival “ESPN Daily” podcast, Kiper spoke to Pablo Tor about a variety of topics, including his strange eating habits. Kiper told Torrega that he eats pumpkin pie “as much as I can” and will also start the morning with a pumpkin pie for breakfast. He doesn’t eat pumpkin pie every day, but that’s not always available.

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Oh, but it’s weirder. Torre then asked Kiper to reveal the process of eating pizza, and he did. . . something.

“I remove the pizza from the cheese, and I eat the pizza with the mashed potatoes. So the mashed potatoes and the cheese-free pizza are what I make,” Kiper said. “I think I’m healthy because I don’t eat cheese, right? I don’t eat cheese. I just let it taste a little. The cheese gives you flavor, I let it go for a while …

“Most of the time it’s just sauce and dough, and then I put mashed potatoes in it, and that’s what I do.”

What the hell?

And, if Kiper thought he was joking, he then encouraged Torre to try his technique.

If you’ve thought about what an expert is pushing for in the NFL Draft, it looks like there are plenty of pumpkin pie and mashed potato pizzas, henceforth referred to as “Kiper Abomination”.

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