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NHL trade period 2021 winners, losers: Maple Leafs, Islanders, Capitals; Saber fans should look the other way

NHL trade period 2021 winners, losers: Maple Leafs, Islanders, Capitals;  Saber fans should look the other way

When the buzzer came out last year during the NHL trade period, 32 implications were made involving 55 (including all options).

In 2021, only 26 players were able to get new jerseys in 17 jerseys. Although they were sent to pack a couple of expected names, they were not an unexpected success.

Of course, the big question is where does it all lead? For now, that’s anyone’s opinion – especially considering the quarantines will keep some guys out of the ice for a week – but that won’t stop us from evaluating the biggest winners, losers and intermediate falls.

Winners of the NHL trade period, losers

Winners: Maples

If you don’t know, you know now: All maple leaves are there.

After Alex Galchenyuk was added in March – and after becoming a front-line winger – they added everything they needed, and then matured. GM Kyle Dubas advanced depth (Stefan Noesen, Riley Nash, Antti Suomela), defensive depth (Ben Hutton), goaltending depth (David Rittich) and a versatile veteran striker, not only a strong defensive game, but also a clean cap in the starting lineup (Nick Foligno).

MAPLE LEAVES TRADE LEVELS: Nick Foligno | David Rittich

Of course, the biggest question mark for now is the health of Frederik Andersen. Dubas said on Monday that although he fully expects to play with Leaf this year, they want to return to a healthy percentage. Adding Rittich’s backup to the Flames now makes it at least the time it takes for Andersen to get back on track to back Jack Campbell.

Winner: Mike Foligno

“I have to admit he’s pretty happy,” Nick said of his father Mike’s trade with the younger Foligno to the Maple Leafs. “It’s been lovely to make that phone call with him and say another 71 will fly around on the ice [for Toronto]. “

Mike Foligno skated for the Maple Leafs in 129 games over four seasons.

“His advice is to enjoy and play with passion,” Nick added. “Toronto fans are passionate, and I think that matches who I am and what I play, and I think it will come out that way. I’ll enjoy every minute and that’s something I’ve achieved. Witness as a kid and now that opportunity is in full circle and the Toronto Maple Leafs- Being able to play in is a dream come true in many ways. “

Losers: Fans who love a lot of trades … and producers who have to fill TV hours

Like I said, it really wasn’t a big workday on Monday. In fact, according to the NHL, the least number of players traded on the last day (26) this year (2000) since 23 boys moved. Night shifts on Sunday nights and lack of movement throughout the day — most of which came in the last two hours — kept producers on their toes in an attempt to fill air time.

Trade period activity in the last five years

2016-17 March 1, 2017 18 33
2017-18 February 26, 2018 18 37
2018-19 February 25, 2019 20 32
2019-20 February 24, 2020 32 55
2020-21 April 12, 2021 17 26

Losers: Sabers fans

Saber fans look the other way. Your GM negotiated with Taylor Hall to basically choose the draft – and no, not even in the first round. And keep turning because other teams have gotten first-round chances (Detroit, Columbus, for example, twice! And New Jersey). What did your team achieve? Second round selection. Do you know who got the second round pick? Calgary for Sam Bennett.

A, and your team also maintains a 50 percent salary. Yikes.

Taylor Hall trade takeaways: The Bruins get a deal to get a head-to-head match against Sabers

Winner: Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall only wanted to go one place. Taylor Hall got her wish.

Losers: What John Tortorella has never said doesn’t matter to his players

Winner: Recharge Blue Jackets

Blue Jackets According to GM Jarmo Kekalainen, Blue Jackets are not being rebuilt, they are being recharged. And they did so with the catches received in exchange for Foligno and David Savard. Columbus has nine chances in the 2021 NHL draft in just three rounds in the first round.

NHL TRADE Tracker 2021: List of offers made before the deadline

TBD: Sam Bennett

The Flames striker now had a tumultuous round in Calgary, and finally had enough four-month content to fill the rest of the 2021 newspapers (and we don’t mean the season, we mean December 31). From wanting to trade to not wanting to trade. From wanting to play on the wing to playing in the center. From being scratched to being a Sutter guy. And that doesn’t even include his final up and down movement in the lineup.

“I think it’s a good word to describe that it’s‘ roller coaster, ’” Bennett said in a call with reporters Monday. “I’ve had my ups and downs. Obviously, my career is not going the way I expected and I think I have a lot more to prove and a lot more to give. ”

Bennett needed a change, the question is whether Florida will change now?

Winners: Deep defense guys

You get a defense. And you get a defender. Everyone (it seemed) gets a defender.

According to Sporting News’s calculations, 19 defenders worked from 10 to 12 April on Monday between 10 and 10 p.m. Among those negotiated, a bunch went to the Northern Division, including Dmitry Kulikov (to the Oilers), Jordie Benn (from the Canucks to the Jets), Ben Hutton (Maple Leafs) and Jon Merrill and Erik Gustafsson (Canadiens).

Each of those teams is in the playoffs, and he hopes to make it to the postseason, and he wanted to add the blue line now or add a defense that could be included when called up. In the case of the Canadiens, Gustafsson and Merrill can now help with Ben Chiarot breaking his hand.

TBD: The term “broker team”

This is rigorous. Do we like this? Hard to say. A group of brokers is a term that helps two other clubs looking for a trade, while maintaining some salaries in exchange for something (i.e., choosing a draft).

Does it help a team avoid the salary cap problem? Yes. Is selling a pick for money basically? Kinda. Do we hate the idea? It is not necessary. If the team wants to do that, it’s okay, but it helps other clubs to get their hands tied otherwise (Steve Yzerman helps you help your old friends in Tampa), which can annoy other teams.

Winners: East Division GMs

After Anders Lee, Icelandic CEO Lou Lamoriello came out and acquired Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac. Capital manager Brian MacLellan took to the streets and sent some friends who were happy to look for young pioneer Anthony Mantha. The Penguins added veteran Jeff Carter to Bruin while Mike Reilly and, as mentioned, got Taylor Hall.

The four teams in the post-Eastern Division season (right now) ended their term. It will be a rumor to Royale to see which team stays in the Stanley Cup playoffs as a division semifinal representative.

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