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NHL trade tracker 2021: List of offers made before the deadline

NHL trade tracker 2021: List of offers made before the deadline

The NHL trading period is fast approaching.

On Monday, April 12, at 3 p.m., ET is the resolution to decide whether the teams are playoff contenders or playoff pretenders – though, with the way things are arranged this year, it may not be known until the final day of the season. Boundary and quarantine boundaries, abnormal distribution alignments, and a cloud of Kraken expansion on top of the league, will teams have to face the wheel?

Some general managers, like Kyle Dubas of the Maple Leafs, have expressed a desire to make moves, but they want them to happen sooner rather than later.

“I think the quarantine that is right now and the player will come in 14 days and sit in his hotel for 14 days and then we will join the club. We will be in tougher places, certainly as we can,” Dubas told reporters at the beginning of the month. “And if you look at where the schedule goes, where the deadline is April 12th, and if you spend two weeks after that it’s April 27th or 28th before you leave the hotel, and that’s only when the team thinks it’s six games or 10 days or something [before playoffs].

“So it certainly provides an incentive to try to make the moves sooner. It takes two for that to happen.”

Anyone can guess how much will be done. When the trades happen, they will be covered by Sporting News.

Here is a list of all trades completed before the end of the 2021 NHL trade period.

NHL trade deadline 2021

March 13 Maples Wine Vehvilainen (G) Blue Jacket Mikko Lehtonen (D)
March 20 Sabers Sixth round of 2021 Snowfall Jonas Johansson (G)

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