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‘Olija’ is an indie platform full of love, loss and harpoons

‘Olija’ is an indie platform full of love, loss and harpoons

There were also a few moments in the game when a sequence of scripts dropped me from a broken platform, but moving forward required me to go back to where that platform was magically fixed. As with almost any game, this way of going back is tedious without having to. For the main story it’s never necessary to raise the harpoon for the main story from the floating eyeball to the floating eyeball — it’s an optional sailor rescue room for some challenges — but when you do that it feels awkward and you use an analog stick to change direction. On the Nintendo SwitchOlija is available on Switch, Xbox One / Series X, Playstation 4/5 and Windows stores on the Steam Store. Pro Controller is inaccurate. I saw the need to switch to the D-Pad for these sequences. Celeste, with its tight and easy controls, that’s not it.

Later in the game, Faraday gets a sword with its teleportation properties, and you can set up two transport points Portal. Unfortunately, this comes at the end of the game. I would love to see more of the puzzles that used the sword and harpoon. You get two distant weapons in the form of a shotgun and a bow, but ammunition requires craftsmanship. I found the games to be weird and pretty useless given the kind of enemies you throw at games.

In the end, there is little struggle for the leaders, but each one feels unique and they are a nice end to their stages. The latter, especially when you’re avoiding the main sword thrusts, takes you up a tower, and you need to find the wrong angles or surprise them with a good harpoon shot. He combines everything that is fun with using a harpoon and lets the player guess how he wants to reach and defeat his boss. Generally, you wait for a leader to show his or her weak point — sometimes after you throw the standard Rottenwoods at you — and then go to town with your harpoon. They never feel cheap, but they end quickly. I liked being able to fly in open places with the harpoon, but I couldn’t ask if the bosses felt more cathartic because the usual encounters in the game don’t make an effort.

Generally, Olija It’s easier and I’ve seen myself actually die, which throws parts of the air harpoon due to the aforementioned inaccuracy. I probably died 4 times, and I never felt stuck, even though a puzzle in the game scratched my head (in a good way). You lose health very slowly out of traps and you won’t feel it. dominated by enemies. Rather, you are forced to move on. The levels themselves — after you go from birth to the isolated levels around the world — are small. However, trying to remember that the game doesn’t have a map and all the way through the levels can be frustrating, and it’s probably best to enjoy some of the seated seats.

Olija it’s pretty short, lasts about 4 hours, but every part of the game feels condensed into a small piece of quality and you’ll never run out of steam in the game. That said, there’s no variety in the game’s fight, no scoring system, varying difficulty, or New Game +, and since it’s very linear, you’ll hardly be able to play it again if you’re not tempted to see one of the game’s most fascinating moments.

Olija it’s a cropped but memorable experience that is worth the look of any player who wants to take it on a sea voyage. It’s not a terrific new introduction to the platform genre, but its details have a bit of magic to it that makes it feel bigger than the sum of its parts. At $ 15, it’s an absolute catch.

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