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‘Outriders’ is smiling through the Apocalypse

‘Outriders’ is smiling through the Apocalypse

Along the way Eliminators, The player character – “Outrider” – is tasked with finding a missing lieutenant in one of the extended battlefields that cover the fictional planet of Enoch. The lieutenant finds himself next to a wounded enemy soldier who defends his life before being destroyed by a grenade. Outrider, who is no stranger to the violence itself, is disappointed to see the enemy explode in a red mess of swollen guts and brains. “War is war,” the lieutenant says. “What? You think we’re just hugging and … Before he falls to the ground, he’s interrupted by the crack of a shot that sends him to the wheel in his place. Outrider sighs, takes a little human matter from his face and mutters,” Why bother? do I do it? “Before they left, they completed their mission. The shooting continues to go away as it fades into black.

Eliminators, as this sequence makes clear, has a unique tone. He bounces violently between the brutal and oppressive violence, the serious and wise reflections on the horrors of war, throughout his plot, and sometimes within a single scene.

The story follows humanity’s attempt to restart civilization on a distant planet called Enoch, after Earth fell into the final frenzy of world war and environmental catastrophe. Knowing that they have no other home to return to, the remnants of the Earth reach a habitable planet that appears as prosperous and peaceful as Eden in the beginning. They begin to become new homes, with stunning green fields and blue skies that stand out in amazement. Then, as these descendants of science fiction have learned little from the injustices that destroyed the Earth, they establish unjust systems that lead to a new war, trenches filled with hell-filled mud filled with the First World War bucolic landscape. with wire and bloody fields soaked in carnage and littered with rusty industrial waste.

As an outrider, a witch, a shooter, a former mercenary, who navigates Enoch, massacring constant waves and providing weapons and armor with a greater number of statistics, this war offers a natural trajectory and an endless opportunity. shows the humor of the gallows.

Its second chance as a species is to immerse itself in the cruelty of humanity that can only become another history Eliminators it determines the pessimism of science fiction, with its strict acceptance of stylistic abuses that give rise to a post-apocalyptic premise, and pulp fiction. (There are lots and lots of alien monsters in Enoch who love to disperse in gore splashes when they are shot, and the planet has the sun. and the moon hanging in the sky forever covered in paper.) Its plot, adapted from a Wikipedia-level summary, is read as a nihilistic commentary on the fate of our species. The way this plot is communicated, however, is done through characters who explode with life, ready to commit a soldier’s cunning, killing a captive without a heart before they are senselessly murdered, ready to sacrifice their lives. selfless displays of action film heroism.

This mix of comic genre excitement and social commentary is reminiscent of John Carpenter, early James Cameron, and Paul Verhoeven. This is not a coincidence. Bart, the director of Kmita games, said in an email to WIRED that he “would not point to a film or director that had the greatest impact,” but rather “a mixture of this culture that was born in the 80s.” he helped in the conception of the game. “It’s light and entertaining to play,” Kmita explains, “but … people will realize later [that] we don’t tell a light story. ” Eliminators‘The founders found a precedent in the style of 1980s films that showed the creator of People Can Fly (the 2011 developers) Bulletstorm, another game for its dark humor and action movie aesthetic). How to “combine a pretty serious story and a very light and wild game”.

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