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Packers ‘Matt LaFleur praised Blake Bortles’ experience: “You can never take it for granted.”

Packers ‘Matt LaFleur praised Blake Bortles’ experience: “You can never take it for granted.”

Earlier this week, the Packers added depth to their quarterback room Blake Bortles signed a one-year deal. The former Jaguar first-round pick spent the last two seasons as a backup with the Rams and Broncos, and will be fighting to repeat that role in Green Bay again.

It seems that coach Matt LaFleur thinks Bortles can do that. He spoke well about the Bortles in Friday’s new Packers minicamp session and especially praised the 29-year-old for his five years of experience in Jacksonville.

“Shot, he took his team to the AFC championship game [in 2017], and I mean, they were close to throwing patriots in New England, “LaFleur said. ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “He has a lot of experience, and that can never be taken for granted.”

Bortles certainly has experience. He has started 73 regular-season starts and three post-seasons in his career. That said, Bortles also completed 59.3 percent of his passes for 103 touches and 75 catches. Even worse, he’s 24-49 as a regular season starter (including 26-50 playoffs).

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He posted only one winning season in those five years as a starter, and during that season, he made reference to LaFleur’s 17 campaigns. This helped to encourage incoherent Bortles.

Therefore, Bortles only provides one backup signal caller. That’s what Green Bay brought him. The only question is whether he will be behind Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love.

Rodgers and the Packers are immersed in a lawsuit that could last all season. However, LaFleur reiterated that the Packers want to continue as the NFL’s top MVP in Green Bay.

“We want to come back in the worst way. I know he knows that, and we’ll keep working on it every day,” LaFleur said.

If Rodgers doesn’t return, then Love and Bortles will be the Packers ’QB room. The chances of going from being an MVP to being an unproven second-year player or an NFL traveler as a starter should be enough to make the Packers fans uneasy.

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