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Parents of Children with ADHD Want to Know

Parents of Children with ADHD Want to Know

It takes a lot of time, effort and patience to be a good parent, especially if you have children ADHD. But even though millions of children are confused, misconceptions about it are widespread. Here are some parents Children with ADHD that you want to know.

Don’t call my baby a “bad kid”.

ADHD causes some children to act hyperactive or impulsive, having trouble following instructions, or controlling their emotions. Children with such symptoms have no choice but to act or protect their authority. They live with one brain disorder.

“It hurts me when other parents think our children are“ bad kids, ”says Yakini Pierce, a mother of two and a global product manager in Cleveland (OH). Pierce’s two children, daughter Reyna, 12, and son Rickey, are 10 years old ADHD.

He says that when a child with the disorder collapses or is frustrated at the moment, “they’re really trying to communicate and they don’t know how. When they learn, it takes them to another level.”

“Bad parents“No. Causes ADHD.

Experts aren’t sure why some children suffer from ADHD, but they believe genes play a big role. What we know for sure is that confusion is a myth that occurs because of the mistakes a mother or father makes.

“I think a lot of people see ADHD as an over-misdiagnosed parental label,” says Nicole Schlechter, a special education advocate in Hampshire, IL, whose 11-year-old son, Mason, has ADHD. autism, and anxiety. “It’s not a parental problem, and I think the misconception about ADHD is horrible.”

Dr. Kirsten Hecht, a scientist and researcher from Gainesville (FL), has an 11-year-old son with ADHD named Dmitry. “Along with that are a lot of parental embarrassment,” she says. “Like, you did something wrong.” Or, as another mother once said to him: “‘When you were little you had to let him watch a lot of TV.’ I thought, ‘That doesn’t make sense.’ “

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