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Prince Philip died at the age of 99

Prince Philip died at the age of 99

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has died at the age of 99.

Buckingham Palace announced on Friday that the Duke, who married 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth at the time in 1947, had “quietly died this morning at Windsor Castle”.

He was discharged from the hospital last month after being admitted due to an infection in February. Buckingham Palace said it had carried out “a successful procedure in a previous situation”.

The Duke will be at St James’s Palace before being buried in the royal vault of Windsor Castle. His death is expected to begin the mourning of eight official days.

A critical figure who has been forming for more than seven decades of the British royal family, Prince Philip spent almost 70 years in public office retirement from public life August 2017.

In a televised appearance on Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the prince for his support of the queen.

For all this we remember the Duke and especially the steadfast support given to His Majesty the Queen – not only his wife, by his side every day of his reign, like her husband, her “strength and stay over 70 years,” he said.

Johnson reflected on the Duke’s life in the military and with young people, adding: “Prince Philip won the love of generations here in the UK, throughout the Commonwealth and around the world.”

Opposition leader Keir Starmer also paid tribute to the duke. “The UK has lost an extra civil servant to Prince Philip,” he said.

Prince Philip’s father was a prince of the Greek and Danish royal families in June 1921 in Corfu, where his mother belonged to the Hesse royal family in Germany. The Duke was taken out of Greece, in a box of fruit from a Royal Navy ship, like a baby, after growing hostility to the royal family after the Greco-Turkish war.

As he had many family ties to the United Kingdom, the Duke first settled in the country as a student at Gordonstoun School, in the Scottish Highlands. Kurt Hahn, who ran the prince’s former school in Germany, went there after fleeing the threat of growing persecution of the Nazi regime.

He first met Princess Elizabeth – then 13 – when he showed her Princess Margaret, his sister, was studying around Dartmouth Naval College in 1939 and the couple began to do so. They were married in November 1947. It was the Duke on a visit to Kenya in February 1952 that his wife’s father had died and she was now queen.

They will recall the work done in 1956 by the Duke of Edinburgh to establish a reward plan for encouraging young people to participate in their communities and outdoor activities. During World War II he distinguished himself in the Royal Army and was an avid amateur pilot.

The Duke also made the royal family more accessible by entering the cameras at Buckingham Palace. But his key task was to help his wife during a longer reign than any other monarch in the UK, often both as an institution of the Royal Family and in times of turmoil for the whole country.

To mark during his celebrations jubilee diamond In 2012, the queen said her family’s support was “excessive”.

“I think Prince Philip is known for reducing any kind of compliments,” he continued. “But he’s always been a force and a driver.”

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