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Qualifying for the 17th game of each NFL team in 2021

Qualifying for the 17th game of each NFL team in 2021

The NFL added Game 17 for the regular season in 2021, a new wrinkle, schedule that creates some unparalleled games.

How does Game 17 work? Each NFC division has an extra match against an AFC division, and they will play at the AFC team stadium. That will turn in the other direction by 2022.

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Will it work? Sporting News examines each of these contests and ranks them among the least attractive.

Qualifying for the NFL’s 17th game of 2021

1. Packers Chiefs

This is definitely the No. 1 spot, but that’s based on whether Aaron Rodgers continues to be in Green Bay for the 2021 season. Patrick Mahomes and Rodgers have yet to face off in a regular-season game. This would be one of the best games of the season if implemented.

2. In the Seahawks Steelers

The Seahawks won a 28-26 thriller at Heinz Field in 2019, in which Russell Wilson rescued Seattle with 300 yards and three TDs. Ben Roethlisberger was injured in that match, and is the QB that is under the most pressure in 2021.

3. In Ahari Ravens

Lamar Jackson’s attempt to escape from Aaron Donald is well worth the price of admission. Jackson scored five TDs and went 95 yards in 2019 at the last meeting of those teams.

4. Cowboys and Patriots

A game that will draw the highest ratings and the most excessive reactions, depending on where it is located on the schedule. Bill Belichick is 5-0 against the Cowboys, and Dallas last won New England in a 12-6 slugfest on December 15, 1996. The coaches of that game were Bill Parcells and Barry Switzer, and the quarterbacks were Drew Bledsoe and Troy Aikman. .

5. Cardinals in the Browns

Kyler Murray won his first head-to-head meeting with Baker Mayfield in the 2019 fight for the Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winners. Both teams are better now, and this is a game for both of them to play, given how good each other’s divisions are. .

6. Buccaneers in Colts

Colts fans have no love for Tom Brady’s matchup with Peyton Manning, but this is also a match between two of the top 10 defenders from last season.

7. Bears in Raiders

The Raiders beat the Bears 24-21 in the last meeting. The focus will be on Jon Gruden and Khalil Mack, who had three pitches at the last meeting.

8. Saints in the Titans

Fantasy owners will be attached to this because of the backgrounds. Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara will be the focus of what should be a high-scoring rivalry.

9. Washington at Bills

It’s a playoff game between last season’s playoffs, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has eight runs against Buffalo. Josh Allen is 8-3 against the NFC so far, but it’s the first round he’s made from the NFC East. These games are explored too much in the networks.

10. 49er Bengals

San Francisco won two Super Bowl classics against Cincinnati in the 1980s, and at least you can count on a Joe Montana-John Candy reference. Will the 49ers start Trey Lance here against Joe Burrow in the second quarter?

11. Vikings in the Chargers

The Vikings have one of the toughest schedules in the league, and the West Coast trip will be easy, given the appearance of Justin Herbert in the second quarter.

12. Eagles at the Jets

First-year coaches Nick Sirianni and Robert Saleh meet Jalen Hurts and Zach Wilson in a highly illustrated vessel. Can Rich Kotite throw coins?

13. Hawks in Jaguars

Urban Meyer was 5-1 against Georgia as coach in Florida. Falcons fans will remember that. Will Tim Tebow catch a TD game in this game a long time ago?

14. Giants in Dolphins

It’s a battle of Belichick’s former assistants with Joe Judge and Brian Flores, and both teams made improvements this season. It’s still not an exciting match at all.

15. Panthers in the Texans

Sam Darnold is the Panthers ’new quarterback, but Deshaun Watson’s secure future makes it hard to play too much about a quarterback game at the moment.

16. Lions in the Broncos

Jared Goff Vs. Teddy Bridgewater had fun with the Saints and Rams in 2019. It’s hard to sell this in their new locations. Come back with us if Aaron Rodgers lands in Denver.

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