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Rachael Blackmore: Grand National winner congratulates Ringo Starr and Billie Jean King on Racing News

Rachael Blackmore: Grand National winner congratulates Ringo Starr and Billie Jean King on Racing News

Rachael Blackmore was impressed to receive tennis legend Billie Jean King and musician Ringo Starr after receiving her congratulatory messages after winning her first Grand National jockey.

Blackmore, when the Minella Times claimed victory at Aintree, said his achievement has not yet sunk, but he believes the win will likely change his life forever.

“I don’t think you’re much more famous than Ringo Starr and Billie Jean King,” he said Sky Sports News. “It’s incredible to welcome these people and congratulate them on your accomplishments.

“It’s hard to understand that they would even know my name. It’s unbelievable. I’ve received so many people’s wishes, people who send me cards and letters I don’t know. It’s just wonderful help and they’ve all been very kind.”

The 31-year-old Blackmore is humble and humble. He grew up on a farm in County Tipperary and has always had a fondness for horses, an animal that he says has given him the best days of his life.


High national winning jockey Rachael Blackmore says being the first female jockey to win the race can only be a “positive thing” for women’s sport.

As a young man, he would take part in pony club games, but his dream was always to be a jockey. Blackmore now wants to encourage other young people to play sports.

“It’s also hard to take a ride on the big national team, let alone win,” he said. “It’s a far cry from what I thought would really be a realistic opportunity.

“Actually, you can’t dream enough. I dreamed of being a jockey and riding a horse in these races, but I don’t even know I dreamed of winning. It’s wonderful what can happen. I think you can dream as big as you want.”

Jockey Rachael Blackmore and coach Henry De Bromhead
Coaches Blackmore and Henry De Bromhead got the win with the Minella Times last week

When Blackmore crossed the finish line at Aintree, she said she didn’t even register to be the first women’s jockey to win the Grand National.

“In racing and equestrian sports in general, we work for equal pay and opportunity,” he said.

“I think we should all be very proud of that. That’s not cross-cutting in all areas of life, but in both riding and racing, so being proud is what we should all be.”

In recent weeks, Blackmore has not only won the Grand National, but also won six at the Cheltenham Festival, which is where he won the Rubel Walsh Trophy at the Cheltenham Senior Jockey.

Minella Times led by Rachael Blackmore (center)
Blackmore was the first women’s jockey to win the Grand National last week

Many have described it as a trailblazer. His growing idols were like jockeys Charlie Swan, Davy Russell and Ruby Walsh. But now he’s at the top of it.

There is also talk that he should receive a damehood, and he usually responded in a humble way.

“I really thought it was a rumor or a joke,” he said. “For me that gives me out of that world. It should be seen to think that something like this could be possible.”

If there’s one thing the 31-year-old has proven in recent days, it’s that everything is possible.

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