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Raiders schedule 2021: dates and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, final record announcement

Raiders schedule 2021: dates and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, final record announcement

The Raiders have not finished above .500 in the previous three seasons, linked to the return of coach Jon Gruden. For the second season in Las Vegas, they hope to continue on the upward trajectory after going 8-12 from 7-9 to 8-8.

Gruden and GM May may be under pressure from Mayock to deliver results in 2021 and make Raider at least a real wildcard competitor. The team, which is located in its new city, will help, as well as hungry new fans to finally attend the matches at Allegiant Stadium.

The Raiders didn’t have the best season, but they hope to improve anyway. Here is the full breakdown of the Raiders ’2021 schedule, including dates, start times, and analysis.

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Las Vegas Raiders program 2021

The Raiders ’schedule will be announced as part of the NFL’s calendar release on Wednesday, May 12 at 8 p.m., ET. These are the teams that will play in the 2021 NFL season.

HOUSE: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Soccer Team

FORWARD: Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Raiders are not easy in their division, they have two games against the powerful leaders and the Chargers are on the rise. They also need to be careful about jumping into the final Broncos standings.

Drawing AFC North is a bit of a balancing act playing NFC East all over. The Dolphins and Colts are additional second-place AFC measurements, and Khalil Mack and Bears are opponents in Game 17.

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The strength of the Raiders schedule

The Raiders have the 8th toughest schedule combined with the 2020 record and the percentage of opponents they have won in 2021 (142-128-2, .526).

Part of that is getting the 14-2 lead twice, but the Raiders also face four other AFC playoff teams from the Steelers, Ravens, Browns and Colts. The Bears and Washington are an additional pair in the NFC playoffs.

The toughest tests: The Raiders take on the Ravens, Bears, Dolphins, and Washington over the Chiefs and Chargers. The Raiders were closed to Allegiant Stadium fans last season in the opening year in Las Vegas, so we don’t know what advantage they have, especially as it is an attractive destination for fans outside of Vegas.

When the Raiders go on the road, it’s even more horrible. The Browns, Cowboys, Colts and Steelers are four of seven trips.

The biggest breaks: Raiders must take advantage of at least three-quarters of the NFC East. They also have to take care of the Bengals at home and try to clean the Bronzes because there is nothing else to see here.

Bottom line: Unfortunately, the Raiders, after hitting an offensive ceiling with Derek Carr and leading to more than a number of defensive problems, don’t seem to suddenly go from the importance of the .500 playoffs. The leaders aren’t going anywhere and the Chargers and NFC East aren’t going far.

The Raiders will make an effort to win more than they lost with nine home games, but the path does them little good with the quality and geography of the team.

Record announcement: 6-11

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