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“Remove teams that have registered at this point” – Neville and fans direct criticism over European Super League proposals

“Remove teams that have registered at this point” – Neville and fans direct criticism over European Super League proposals

Gary Neville has led an angry reaction from Manchester United and England legend by criticizing the clubs that have signed up for the proposed European Super League.

Neville said those parties who signed the proposals should be punished with a deduction of points.

His reaction came after organizations such as the Premier League and UEFA condemned the cabal of parties pushing for new competition.

What did Neville say?

Talking Sky Sports“I am not against the modernization of the football competition, but making proposals along the lines of Covid is a complete scandal. United and the other six big clubs that have signed up should be ashamed of themselves.

“Is Arsenal in the league? They have just arrived in Fulham. Six English clubs should have points this season. It’s an absolute joke.

“He’s been damned and he’s fine. I’m a Man Utd fan and I’ve been around for 40 years. I’m the most disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool.

“Liverpool, they look like, ‘You’ll never walk alone,’ they look like a club of people, a club of fans.

“We need to fight the power of this country against the top clubs in this league – which includes my club. I have had 12 months as a member of another team to put controls in place to stop events by an independent regulator.

“It simply came to our notice then. They are scammers. They have nothing to do with football in this country. There is a 100 year history in this country on the part of the fans who live and love these clubs, and they need protection.

“I’m not against money in football. The principles of fair competition and ethos and the right to play, so that Leicester can win the league, enter the Champions League … Man Utd is not in the Champions League, Arsenal is not in the Champions League. Right now it’s the ruin of the football club.

“Take away all the points tomorrow, put them in last place in the league and take away their money. Really, you need to seal this. It’s criminal. It is a criminal act against football fans in this country, make no mistake. This is the biggest sport in the world, it is the biggest sport in this country and it is a criminal act, as easy as that.

“They’re bottle traders. You never know the owners of these clubs. They have no voice. They will probably hide in a few weeks and say it has nothing to do with them. A pandemic, an economic crisis, the rise of National League football clubs, players, extreme clubs in the One and Second League, and this lot has Zoom calls to break and create more greed. ”

Crystal Palace president Steve Parish reacted on Twitter: “Put on your microphone and make a bow!”

Roy Keane, another United legend, added: “Money is greed. Of course we haven’t heard anything from FIFA yet, but it doesn’t look good, let’s hope it stops in its path, because greed is pure.

“We’re talking about big clubs – Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in the world. At least they’ve made a stand, and that’s a good start.”

And Micah Richards said: “The Premier League has been done in a great way. We all know that clubs are an investment, it’s business at the end of the day, but what about the fans?

“What about the memories that the fans have had over the years, that they have been forgotten because of the money? That’s how football has become now and it’s totally embarrassing if I’m honest.”

What do fans think?

In addition, Football Supporters Europe (ESF), an organization representing fans from 45 UEFA countries, has issued a statement.

“Along with the vast majority of fans, Football Supporters Europe is completely on the run against plans to escape the Super League.

“This closed-door competition will be the last nail in the coffin of European football, leaving aside everything that has become so popular and successful – sporting merit, promotion and relegation, qualifying for the UEFA competition through home success and financial solidarity.”

“The design is legitimate, irresponsible and anti-competitive.

“Rather, it is only driven by greed. The only ones who will win are a few hedge funds, oligarchs and already wealthy clubs, many of whom are doing poorly in their own home leagues, despite their internalized advantage.

“It’s enough.

“The ESF calls on football governing bodies to take immediate action to support the European game: first, by imposing penalties on breakaway clubs; and second, by canceling proposals to reform UEFA club competitions, they were designed to benefit the same clubs.”

Who else has criticized the plans?

Spanish League president Javier Tebas strongly criticized the plans Twitter, says: “Finally the PowerPoint superleague” gurus “are emerging from the darkness of the bar at 5am, intoxicated with selfishness and lack of solidarity.
The European Leagues have been preparing for La Liga and will receive their response. “

The French government is one of the largest non-football organizations to join the plan, according to a statement issued by the RMC: “French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes the principle of sporting merit for refusing French clubs to participate in a European super league project.”

Ligue 1 clubs, in particular, refused to agree on plans, and praised UEFA’s stance along with the Bundesliga.

The UK government has also criticized the proposals. Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Secretary Oliver Dowden posted on Twitter: “Supporters of football are the beats of our national sport and important decisions should be backed up.

“With a lot of fans, we are concerned that this plan could create a closed shop at the top of our national game. Sustainability, integrity and direct competition are absolutely crucial and anything that weakens that is worrying and detrimental to football.

“We have a football pyramid where Premier League funds that have been hugely successful around the world go down to the league and local communities. I would be disappointed to see any action that destroys that.”

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