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‘Resident Evil Village’ is very conscious of fully enjoying itself

‘Resident Evil Village’ is very conscious of fully enjoying itself

Ethan Winters, protagonist of Resident Evil Village, wakes up from a stabbing death, to find himself in a scene where he feels so indebted Hellraiser Like Jim Henson The maze. He sees a shady castle hall, where a monster quintet is on top, laughing at slavery and laughter as they discuss whether to get the captive to die horribly. The face of a crooked mutant screaming at a crooked doll dressed in a wedding dress is covered with bright boils. In the evening a giant vampire wears the towers over Ethan with a slender cigarette holder in his hand, a man dressed as a cowboy, and John Lennon clashing with his glasses.

This group of monsters is ridiculous. They are a bunch of Halloween decorations. Knights of the Party City apocalypse. The cowboy spreads his arms as the male wolves begin to enter the room. “Lycans and gentlemen, thank you for waiting!” declares. “And now let the games begin!”

The ad for this character, with all the wrong puns, is a statement of a mission town—Already an invitation to a frighteningly pleasant autumn evening, which, if kept well throughout the game, would get the latest news Resident Evil one of the best series to date.

Since its release more than two decades ago, Resident Evil the series has flirted with different styles of horror (and science fiction action film) storytelling. The first entries were the submission of B-movies, where amateur voice actors performed at the best possible level of navigation awkward scripts this served as an unwanted schlock comedy, a view that ended with a preferred sense of humor Resident Evil 4‘s single liners, high camp villains and classic horror hints. For 2017 Resident Evil 7 was released, he backed down the path that the series eventually led to the abuses of absurdist action cinema and he decided, once again, to try to frighten him deliberately.

After a tremendous good reception in the Southwest 7, the game seemed eager to please the old school Resident Evil aping the aesthetics of slasher fans like their favorite Saw and Texas Chain Saw Massacre series, town to a large extent, there is an interest in changing the route once again and returning to the breathtaking and hard carnival atmosphere of the first unstoppable entries in the series. Its premise alone is enough to make that clear. After the kidnapping of her daughter, Ethan finds himself in a fictional Romanian town that is supposedly forgotten by the modern world. He will soon end his life in a fight, full of dirty winter mazes that are hunted by crazy little men and full of dense country houses, set at the base of a huge castle.

The non-fair citizens he encounters are taken from a casting session in the midst of Universal Pictures in the 1930s: women farmers in the 19th century. Dresses and men’s woolen sweaters and flat caps on the ankles of the century, always looking at the moments from picking up forks and torches. Before long, Ethan avoids the horrible and aristocratic vampire mentioned above, as he and his bloody-mouthed daughter wander through a castle, while the Gothic exterior hides a labyrinth of slippery, ivory and gold chambers and baroque corridors.

In the dungeons beneath the house that Ethan has wonderfully named, he finds out that these vampires are catching prey to create artisanal red wine mixed with virgin blood. The ridiculousness doesn’t stop there. Later, the fish-throwing monster who mercilessly throws himself into the transformations turns into a horrible leviathan, and Ethan praises, “Like in life, in death. Disgusting!” .)

Bad conversation, aside from the larger-than-life venues and the variety of weird monsters that disturb those venues, town it’s full of absurd great running jokes. Especially if it has games Evil Dead-in debt settle with this Ethan’s hands are cruel. His palms are pierced with hooks, his fingers are chewed by male wolves, and his entire forearm is cut before Ethan, applying a kind of cartoon logic, he takes the cut piece of his head, sticks it and pours it into his cut hole. it miraculously binds the liquid medicine back on top.

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