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Rumors of Taylor Hall trades: Four landing sites for potential Sabers wing

Rumors of Taylor Hall trades: Four landing sites for potential Sabers wing

Taylor Hall is back on the trading block.

“He may be away,” interim coach Don Granato Sabers said Monday night before his team turned against the demons. “We’re still unspecified. But it’s just part of it, it’s part of the business. Taylor knows that.”

Well, when the lineup was announced, the winger was out. With less than a week to go before the NHL trade deadline (ET on April 12 at 3pm), Hall was held as a measure to preserve its health and commercial value.

Getting the right price demanded by Hall is not a surprise considering his tenure in western New York, for lack of a better word, has been cruel. He scored two goals and 19 points in 37 games. Yes, you read that right, two goals in 37 goals, and the first came on the opening night.

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Not as expected during the season he signed a $ 8 million one-year contract. Unexpectedly, when the 2018 Hart Trophy winner met former coach Ralph Krueger, he worked with him for three years in Edmonton and praised the availability of media following his signing. And it wasn’t as expected when Jack Eichel lined up at the top of the NHL center.

Yes, Hall has struggled with injuries in recent years and has only worn 33 games in 2018-19 due to a knee injury as he has undergone arthroscopic surgery to remove bone fragments. But he has firepower with 582 points in 664 career games. One of the main concerns, however, is that the 29-year-old first-round pick from 2010 will look to be his fifth NHL team in 11 seasons. It doesn’t look good.

For now, the main question isn’t really where it’s going, but who can afford it? According to CapFriendly, an unlimited free agent has raised its maximum capital by $ 2,206,897 (as of April 7) – but there are a bunch of groups with no zero limits.

In addition, the price to be considered is requested: Pierre LeBrun of TSN reported requires a first-round pick on March 26th. Also, Hall doesn’t have a move clause, but it’s doubtful that he’ll use it in this situation, as things in Buffalo obviously didn’t work out.

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In any case, the basic principle is this: if a team really wants to, we’re sure they’ll follow Tim Gunn’s advice and “Make it work”.

So along with that, here are some potential landing sites for one of the best guys available.

Taylor Hall trade rumors

New York Islanders

“We’re always trying to find a winger basket,” Lou Lamoriello said in a mid-chat with GM reporters. “They are all there. That’s not an easy thing to do. “

Well, Lou, maybe it will be for you.

Entering Wednesday’s games, the New York national team is tied with the capitals in the East Division standings. They have done a better job this year putting the biscuit in the basket with 2.95 goals per game (fifth level); last year it was 2.78 (22nd in the league). But having a guy like Hall, especially after captain Anders Lee and the top scorer after a knee injury that ended the season, would be perfect for Stanley Cup competitors.

We should add that Lee, who was tied with Brock Nelson when he was injured in the team’s goals (12), was the leader in the long-term injury reserve, with the Islands having that important room in terms of salary cap.

Boston Bruins

The Bruins have said they want to renew their roster, and Hall may be right; after all, he was reported to be back in October on the radar before joining Sabers.

Today, the Beantown boys are in the final playoffs in the East, with plenty of teams. And they definitely need offensive juice. The Bruins have just 11 goals, which is the lowest of the top five teams in the division, and have conceded just under 99 goals (not the worst). By all accounts, the team was 227 in 70 games last season. Basically, they were at a rate of 267 if they completed 82 games in 2019-20 and are studying 226 this year. That’s a 40-goal drop. Yikes.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Leafs may not have had a chance to sign this past season, but Toronto is sure to like the striker. He spends his summer breaks nearby and has signed his parents as close as possible to where they live in Ontario without crossing the border. (Note: When he signed there was no way to know if the limit would still be closed today.) Joining Leafs may be the best thing for Hall in the long run, as he will be looking for a new deal this season.

As for the Leafs, GM Kyle Dubas has repeatedly said that the Toronto store is open.

“It’s no secret that we will be a team looking to get players on time,” he said James Duthie of TSN recently. He added that his team is flexible, whether their trading partners are looking for options, solutions or players on the roster. In the next three drafts, Leaf still has all his chances, but two (third and seventh rounds in 2021) and the team has top prospects like Rasmus Sandin, Nick Robertson, Timothy Liljegren, Filip Hallander and 2021 IIHF. Finland in the junior world class, in favor of Roni Hirvonen and Topi Niemela.

Calgary Flames

This isn’t too much to throw away, but it might make the best sense, but if Hall is signed for the long term.

Since returning to Saddledome, coach Darryl Sutter has repeatedly said that the Flames list does not have enough firepower to compete. When Hall is healthy and does his thing, he’s scoring; however, he may not fully fit the Sutter mold, as his defensive play needs a spark, but he can certainly bury the puck at the other end. That’s, by the way, something Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan have been trying to do this season. Could one of these guys finally move after years of speculation? Sutter has called on both of them more than once to make up for their poor play and there’s a chance that Alberto’s days are really numbered.

While some have said big changes will come in the summer, as Sutter’s struggles are exacerbating problems with list building, GM Brad Treliving may now feel pressure to make the move. Why? It may not be available for summer review.

As for the Sabers end of things, Calgary has drafts. They also reported that David Rittich has been put on the trading block, and if you think Buffalo hasn’t had a goalkeeper since Ryan Miller, it could be a nice addition to Buffalo’s tubes.

And why would it spark Hall’s interest considering that the Flames season is also over? He’s from Calgary, and he might be attracted to playing on the team grew up encouraging more than a few weeks.

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