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Russia faces US sanctions with the expulsion of diplomats

Russia faces US sanctions with the expulsion of diplomats

Russia will expel 10 US diplomats and restrict the work of those who remain in Moscow, giving a response established penalties President Joe Biden on Thursday halted a dramatic increase in measures.

Moscow will ban Russian and other non-American countries from working on U.S. missions and stop programs that will allow U.S. State Department staff to make unlimited visits to Russia, as well as adding eight U.S. government officials to its sanctions list.

The U.S. State Department said: “Our recent actions were proportionate and appropriate to Russia’s harmful activities. The Russian government’s announcement today was scalable and unfortunate. It is not in our interest to enter a cycle of escalators, but we have the right to retaliate against Russia. the right to answer to all. ‘

Biden’s two-handed approach is also to impose new sanctions on Russia for its alleged past actions offering to “normalize” relationships – Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that Moscow had “positive reactions” to the proposal making a joint peak Between Biden and President Vladimir Putin.

The US announced new sanctions against Russia on Thursday over Moscow’s entry into the US elections cyberattackssuch as a ban on US banks buying new Russian state debt, sanctions against 38 people and entities, and the expulsion of 10 diplomats.

“We will respond to this measure with a mirror image,” Lavrov said of the diplomatic expulsions, but added that Moscow would leave the debt cuts unanswered for the time being.

“For obvious reasons, we don’t have equal leverage with the United States [financial] scale, ”he said.“ We also have the potential to take painful measures for American business, [but] we will keep them in reserve “.

Lavrov said Moscow will stop the work of U.S. non-governmental organizations and charities that “interfere with Russian political life” and urged U.S. Ambassador to the Kremlin John Sullivan to follow the example of his opposing number and return home for consultations. .

The response is more belligerent than some analysts had predicted, and echoed comments made by Putin’s spokesman earlier on Friday, who said the Kremlin was open despite new sanctions offered by Biden to cool tensions between the two countries.

“[Putin] he has repeatedly said that we are ready to develop the dialogue as long as our party members are willing to do so, “Dmitry Peskov told reporters before announcing measures against it.” In that sense, it is certainly positive to see the two heads of state face to face. “

The White House said on Thursday that the first set of measures against the new administration was to “impose costs on Russian government actions that want to harm us,” adding: “We don’t think we should continue on a negative trajectory.”

Two days before the sentencing was announced, Biden used a phone call with Putin to hold a meeting to negotiate the two men in a third country in the near future.

Investors said U.S. sanctions affecting U.S. debt it would have little effect on Moscow’s ability to raise money and the attractiveness of its bonds, as it has allowed U.S. banks to buy debt on the second market.

Moscow’s measures will significantly reduce the number of staff at its U.S. embassy and two major consulates, and reduce the ability of U.S. diplomats to travel around the country.

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