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Saints schedule 2021: days and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, last record announcement

Saints schedule 2021: days and times of 17 matches, schedule strength, last record announcement

For the first time in 16 seasons, the Saints will attempt to navigate the NFL lineup without starting quarterback Drew Brees. In 2021, they will win the fifth straight NFC South title with a full-time QB change at Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill.

He will try to extend New Orleans ’five-season winning streak while Tampa Bay operates at the same level as the current Super Bowl champion. Brees is retired, but coach Sean Payton is still there to move the team forward in what won’t be a big, easy transition.

How could things go down without Brees? Here’s a full breakdown of the Saints ’2021 program, including dates, start times, and an analysis of all 17 games.

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New Orleans Saints 2021 programming

The Saints ’schedule will be released on the NFL calendar on Wednesday, May 12 at 8pm on ET. These are the teams that will play in the 2021 NFL season today.

Here is the full program for the New Orleans Saints for 2021.

Start: Bills, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Dolphins, Falcons, Giants, Packers, Panthers
Outside: Buccaneers, Eagles, Hawks, Washington, Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Seahawks, Titans

week Data Opponent Start time Television
1 September x
2 September x
3 September x
4 October x
5 October x
6 October x
7 October x
8 October x
9 November x
10 November x
11 November x
12 November x
13 December x
14 December x
15 December x
16 December x
17 January x
18 January 9

The Saints will find it hard to hold on to Tom Brady’s Buccaneer, and those should easily jump to the first position. The Panthers and Falcons make more offensive measurements against Brees.

Like his rivals, the Saints will play the entire NFC East and the AFC East. Beyond Washington and the Bills, the Saints also have top spots against the NFC’s Seahawks and Packers and the AFC’s Titans.

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The power of the schedule of the saints

The Saints have the 22nd hardest or 11th easiest from their own point of view. The combined record for New Orleans ’2021 opponents in 2020 is 131-140-1, with a .483 winning percentage.

Counting the Bucs twice, the Saints will face playoff teams that will return in seven games in 17 playoffs. This gives them the hardest board on the division.

The toughest tests: When the Saints are away from the Superdome, the Bucs, Patriots, Seahawks, Titans and Washington are all horrible. Bucs, Bills, Packers and Cowboys can overcome the crime of having a new look at home.

The biggest breaks: Panthers and Hawks sweep are essential to compensate for the rest of the schedule. Three-quarters of the NFC East and Jets are solitary rotational interruptions between distributions.

Bottom line: The Saints have an active actor in favor of Winston or Hill. Their free agency agency tightened a bit due to cap problems, however, and they needed strength.

Not knowing who the quarterback will be and how he will play is rare for New Orleans. It’s all a noticeable slip closer to all of the third- and fourth-place teams in the South.

Record announcement: 9-8

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