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Sam Darnold threw a party after negotiating outside of the Jets

Sam Darnold threw a party after negotiating outside of the Jets

Scram, Darnold.

Former Jets quarterback Sam Darnold took a big apple, but it was more than he could chew, and New York bit the bullet and sent Darnold to Carolina on Monday.

Darnold, who has been largely underrated and a Californian in the NFL throughout his turbulent career, was caught on video in a trade in the Panthers, surrounded by family and friends.

QB personal trainer Jordan Palmer posted a video of Darnold preparing for the party, complete with the Carolina Panthers blue balloon and Panthers cap, which seems to have come out of the same smelly dirt that Andy Dufresne made in “The Shawshank Redemption.”

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Darnold enters the room to do hootin ’and hollerin’, surrounded by family and supportive friends, ready for the next chapter of his career and traveling to Charlotte.

Darnold, the No. 3 overall pick in 2018, had a tough trend in New York City, having to deal with Adam Gase, a dubious cast of actors and a notorious accident with mononucleosis in 2019.

The Panthers are clearly pushing Darnold’s potential forward, as the Jets seem to be ready to pick a quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft.

While the jury is still in Darnold, there is at least a reception committee.

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