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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Seventh Heaven… for some

The 88 matches of the seventh round and the arrival of 19 Ligue 2 teams took place in 14th place.ste and 15ste of November. The groups are based on geography and also set up so that there are no more than two Ligue 2 sides in each division. The draw is grouped into 8 groups of 16 clubs and 2 of 20 – as L2 Niort has been banned this season, leaving an odd number and previously mentioning R1. Paotred Dispount Ergue Gaberic got goodbye in the 8ste Round.

The first few overseas teams also competed with Mayotte AS Twins M’Zoisia sit R3’s CS Pledran from 1: 5. Tahiti kant AS Venus – who won the Polynesian Championship ten times – faced Trelissac but lost 2: 0. Some of you may remember that their hosts lost to OM a few seasons ago (please note that I avoided a potential Bananarama reference). The rest of the distant clubs will be in the next round.

League 2 sides

Across France, however, things were pretty competitive EA Guingamp – do you remember them? – got rid of R1 US Liffre 0: 8. Amiens went to Arras to confront D1 side Anzin-St-Aubin who hopefully enjoyed their day if not the final score of 0: 5. Table setting Toulouse struggled with Libourne with none of the teams scoring from open play, but Les Violets went through with 1: 3 on pins.

AC Ajaccio however lost on pens to National side American Orleans in an upset, and another L2 team, erm, now concentrating on the league SM Caen who went to St Malo as Dinan-Lehon’s stadium was not big enough to host the match. The N3 team adapted better to the new environment and won 4: 1 on colts after it was tied 1: 1 after ninety minutes. USL Dunkirk also left to ESA Lina-Montlhery, an N3 side of south Paris with a single purpose. Pau lost at N2 Canet-Roussillon which is again doing well in the Coupe. Parys FC was pushed to the end by N Since return to the capital with a 3: 5 penalty win after a stalemate of 2: 2.

Rodez will enjoy being the much bigger side for R1 for a change USA Blavozy who probably beat them with less ease than they had hoped 1: 2. Previously mentioned R3 FC St Cyr au Mont does not advance further in this year’s competition because he could not succeed Grenoble Foot drops 1: 2. R2 Vierson FC confronted Le havre lost 0: 2. Sochaux-Montbeliard put three over R2 Bresse Jura Football who ran only one counter. Dijon won 0: 3 on N3 St Apollinaire, Auxerre hit the net four times Limonest St Didie’s two, maybe think they can add to their four Cup wins. While SC Bastia won 0: 2 on N3 Fougeres AGL Drap. Nimes Olympic Games won 0: 3 by Chusclan Laudun of the N3. USA Quevilly-Rouen R2 went to club AS Etaples and won 1: 3 as Valenciennes sawed off American Tourcoing wins 0: 2 on the R1 side. In what sounded like a fight in a nightclub with people shouting ‘Leave it!’ AS Nancy Lorraine win 1: 3 against R3 U Lorraine de Plantieres Metz.

Popular game: Injury weakened Feytiat fall

After display CS Feytiat two seasons ago when they played Pau it was their turn again. In previous rounds, the side of the suburb Limoges has put seven past D1 Bourganeuf USC away, when R2 was beaten FC Charente Limousine 1: 0 at home. Next they faced the R2 side St ruffec who beat them 2: 0, and then won 1: 2 at R3 Boussac CS and won 2: 1 in the previous round against fellow R1 side FC Bassin D Arcachon. For their sixth Cup match, they faced a tougher test in the form of the N3 team from Poitiers Poitevin FC Stadium. Originally founded in 1921, the visitors were in Ligue 2 in the 1995-’96 season, but as is often the case in France, somewhat of that peak fell.

Feytiat, like some local sides, benefited from the problems Limoges had a few years ago and I recognized Julien Terrier and Walid Arab who did a great job for them in the N3. It was cloudy but dry as I feasted on some merguez sausages in bread while the sides got hot. Striking by his absence, however, was Victor Duchovel who was the yellow and black best player both times I had seen them before. A useful and experienced attacking midfielder he scored against Boussac. Terrier acted in a sitting midfield roll rather than in the middle half and Walid had a big bandage under his shorts up front.

Middle table in their N3 championship, the visitors had a small but very strong group of black and white dressed traveling fans who did their best to make some noise. With torches and to my surprise – and those of others – bangers!

Despite the normal outfits that were yellow and black versus black and white, both sides lined up sports coupe outfits with Feytiat in red and the visitors in blue. The most important thing for the smaller side to avoid in any knockout competition is an early goal. Both teams would have known it, but the free kick awarded to Poitevin in the second minute seemed too far out and wide to be a direct threat. Experienced Yvan Kibundu queued to take it and his elevated ball in the six-meter box eluded the oncoming players and especially Vezine in the home goal. It nestled in the back of the net which did little to diminish the enthusiasm of the away fans.

The home team were still trying to find their feet when they were in the 10sste minute the visitors defender Ben Aboubacar lost due to injury. However, it was the visitors who had the next chance, Cesar Neto shot on a bad pass on the edge of the box, but rather shot on the illuminated Feytiat guard. However, the next chance was also given to the visitors, mismanagement by a center back was seized Jordan Cuvier who lobbed the ball into the net to make it two zeros for the visitors. The goal scorer who started as a youngster at Rennes will be offered fewer chances this season.

The match was a bit flat after that, Feytiat worked hard to try to get back into it with Emeric Poingt carrying 11 wide which would most likely create something, but it was in vain. By that time, it was clear to me that Arab was not as mobile as normal and the absence of Duchovel’s cool head was significant. Terrier did a decent job of breaking things up and passing, but there had to be a spark to turn the game around.

Given a free kick close to the byline, Luca Chauvire tried a move that loyal fans may recognize from training. In the 54ste minute, the hosts may have had their best chance, but Couturier fired his shot from a setback. The second half continued as the first had with the visitors having more of the ball and using it better than the hosts who, no matter how hard they tried, could not create enough to score.

Feytiat can look back on a decent run in the Coupe that ended when they did not have a few key players fit to pick a good side. However, they can now concentrate on getting good results in their matches in hand and climbing the league table.

Elsewhere here R1 side Gueretoise ES, who sat out Limoges, faced Chartres socks who are in the N2 despite their newly appointed coach being a runner-up in World Player of the Year. Jean-Pierre Papin’s team was caught with 1: 1 and needed penalties to win with 2: 4. While twice R2 Panazol AS had another home team against Senart-Moissy which is in the R1 and despite that disadvantage and a goal less tied it with a goal from Khalifa Diambou. Then in the 90sste minute Ilyas Boudinar got the winner in what is already an unforgettable Coupe for them.

Round up

One outstanding draw was between USM Waziers of the R2 and N2 AS Beauvais Oise. They played again after their first game was canceled due to both a serious injury and the lights failing! The visitors were one zero ahead and won the rematch 1: 3. While those who follow the route of the first exhibited game N2 Angouleme-Charente won 1: 3 at previously mentioned CS Mainvilliers of the R2.

Regarding previously marked sides, N2 side Vendee Les Herbiers N3 overcome Olympic Saumur 9: 8 on pens after drawing 1: 1. R2 Lucon FC lose to Laval Stadium which is currently in the National. N3 GFC Ajaccio continued their run winning 0: 3 at Hamel ESM one of the few remaining D2 sides. N side FC Bastia Borgo traveled to the mainland to play N3 Olympic Ales won 0: 2. St Marcel FR went to R2 colleagues AS De Montchat Lyon and licked their wounds after losing 1: 0. FC Soleil Birchheim continue to shine in the short dark days after another victory, this time at fellow R1 side Champigneulles RC progress 2: 4 on pins after it was 1: 1 with the whistle. AS Morhange However, R2 can walk away with some happy memories of earlier rounds after losing 0: 4 to N3 ES Thaon.

N3 Istres FC after traveling ES Cannet-Rocheville for an all N3 match, the hosts win 3: 2. N3 Ent Feignes Aulnoye FC put six over R2 ET S Boelie Les Mines and will have looked up to the next round with joy. R1 FC Loon Beach was in a humdinger of a draw decided on pins to a 3: 3 draw. The home team’s involvement ended after a 3: 4 head-to-head defeat against N3 team Evreaux FC. Avant Garde Caennaise N3 unfortunately – at least for me – lost 2: 3 against AS glass of the N2. N2 Versailles 78 FC stayed in the draw with a 2: 3 win at R1 Olimpique Lumbres.

The eighth round has taken place and more details will follow soon.

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