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Söder has stated that Merkel is the successor to German Chancellor

Söder has stated that Merkel is the successor to German Chancellor

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has expressed his intention to replace German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Armin Laschet, with the aim of confronting the head of the CDU, who has also claimed the top job in Germany.

Söder’s move takes him to a territory unfamiliar with German politics. Typically, the head of the Christian Democratic Union has an almost automatic proclamation to run as a candidate for chancellor of the CDU and his sister party in Bavaria, as the CSU is much smaller.

But Laschet’s poor acceptance and the CDU’s recent slide in the polls were pushed only five and a half months before the Bundestag elections, as did Söder, the head of the CSU and prime minister of Bavaria. the candidacy itself.

Söder said Laschet himself was “nice and open” but “conclusive” over the weekend to find out who the CDU / CSU’s joint candidate might be. “We concluded that both are appropriate and both are ready,” he told reporters.

“There is no doubt about the decision to be a candidate for both,” he said. “We both think we have good reasons.”

He added that if he accepted the CDU, he was ready to run for office, but if he decided otherwise he would accept the result and the two parties would continue to work together.

Söder’s chances of dominating the ropes with Laschet are better than any CSU leader in a generation. The CDU’s drop in polls has caused panic among many CDU MPs and has prompted some of them to look to the Söder as a potential savior of the party.

He has not yet been accepted by an executive member of the CDU government. Most remain loyal to Laschet, the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia as head of the CDU. The CDU executive will meet on Monday and many observers hope to stay behind their leader.

In an interview with the German television channel ARD, Söder said it was not his “life plan” to be a candidate for chancellor. “The expectations of many people in Germany, and the polls, have played an important role, if not absolutely decisive,” he said.

“There’s been a lot of people calling from the CDU as well, say proclaim yourself, say you’re generally prepared [to run]”, He added.

Christian Democrats had long been on the ballot, with Germany undergoing strict management of the first wave of the pandemic. But there has been a marked decline in recent months, and voters have blamed it for the latest wrong steps in coronavirus policy and, in particular, the slow pace of Covid-19 vaccines. They also revealed that some CDU and CSU MPs received high commissions last year for agreements to acquire face masks at the height of the first wave.

Söder has had good-looking assessments during the pandemic, which has revealed him as a crucial crisis manager.

He threw the cap in the ring on Sunday at a meeting of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group leadership, and Merkel and Laschet were also present.

Laschet expressed his intention to present at the same meeting. Laschet then spoke at a joint press conference and he and Söder would decide among themselves who the candidate would be.

“We will answer this question well, with a spirit of great personal respect for each other,” he said.

The two men initially said they would make a mutual decision before the end of May. But in recent days, more and more elderly people in Berlin and Bavaria have been asked to speed up.

“When I consider the mood of the CDU as a whole, the decision should be made very quickly,” Laschet told Bild am Sonntag.

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