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Stephen Curry’s frustration grows as warriors continue to fall in the Western Conference rankings

Stephen Curry’s frustration grows as warriors continue to fall in the Western Conference rankings

Stephen Curry is known for bringing tremendous positivity to the court. Preliminary shooting routine, celebrations in the game, support from teammates – the joy of the Warriors stars.

Well, except on Sunday night. Twice the MVP has also been unable to turn around the state of Golden State’s season.

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After the Warriors lost 117-111 against the Hawks in the last eight games, Golden State led their seventh defeat and reduced the team to 23-27 overall, while Curry was unable to hide his frustration.

“[To] in fact, we all expected to be where we needed to be this season, “Curry said.” And they want the boys to overcome – when they go outside, they want to exceed their expectations for themselves, for the coaches, whatever. When that doesn’t happen, it’s disappointing.

“I hope to be forgiving. I hope to be uncomfortable. I hope it will motivate you to keep grinding, to challenge yourself to improve. I hope no one is in this middle of the road situation. we have “.

Since the height of the season has passed four games over .500 at the end of February, the Warriors went 4-12, moving from seventh to 10th place in the Western Conference standings in the final spot to play the Pelicans (22-27) and Kings (22-28) with a small margin. And it’s not that the Warriors have been struggling to win lately – they’ve been trying to be competitive, losing eight of their 16 games in that span with double digits.

“It’s still a good time [left in the season], but you can’t play the way we played in the last significant stretch and we hope things will change, “Curry said.” So what is it. We need to make the necessary adjustments. He sucks right now. Loss sucks. It’s a tremendous feeling in the locker room. We don’t have much to smile about. And it’s the current atmosphere. “

Curry wouldn’t throw others under the bus, but the harsh reality is that his Warriors and coaches haven’t given him enough support. The 33-year-old is having a tremendous season, averaging 29.4 points, 6.0 assists and 5.5 rebounds per game, while shooting 47.6% from the field and 40.6% from a 3-point distance.

When the curry is on the ground, Golden State has a net valuation of 2.7. When seated, that number is negligible at -9.7.

2020-21 Warriors Off Def Rating Net valuation Ef FG%
Curry On 112.7 110.0 2.7 56.1
Curry Off 99.8 109.5 -9.7 50.4

“The hardest part is trying to answer some of the questions about how we can get better and how we can win games,” Curry said. “That’s the situation. We have a lot to improve on, and there’s a challenge we all need to take on. It’s uncomfortable right now. It’s disappointing for everyone, but it will serve us to try. Make these last 20 games important and give us what to show for the end of the season.

“It’s frustrating right now, for sure. I hope everyone in the locker room hates losing it as a motivation to stay with it, stay connected and guess.”

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