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Syracuse Vs. Houston picks, chances, predictions for the March 16 Sweet Madness game

Syracuse Vs.  Houston picks, chances, predictions for the March 16 Sweet Madness game

What year is it?

Syracuse No. 11 met Houston No. 2 for the first time since 1982 in the semifinals of the Midwest Region. The tip-off is scheduled for 9:55 p.m. at Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. The game will be broadcast on television.

The Oranges (18-9) have returned to the regional semifinals as a double-digit seed for the third season in six seasons. Jim Boeheim, 76, will try to drive Syracuse to his sixth appearance in the Final Four during his tenure.

It’s a tough test against Houston (26-3) as Elhi tries to reach the Eight for the first time in 1982-84 with Phi Slama Jama. Kelvin Sampson has returned to Sweet 16 for the first time since 2003.

The Cougars beat Orange 92-87 on December 11, 1982 in that match. It took a long time for Boeheim to achieve that victory. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the rivalry between Orange and Cougars:

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Syracuse vs Houston odds

  • Scatter: Houston -6
  • Over under: 140
  • Money: Houston –260, Syracuse +215

Three betting trends to watch out for

– The Houston 18-9 ATS is the favorite this season. The Cougars are 9-0 S / U in non-conference games this season.

– The Cougars are 6-3 ATS with a nine-game win, but have failed in their last four games with a single-number calculations.

– Syracuse is 5-6 ATS this season, but Orange is 6-0 ATS in the last six games. Syracuse is also 10-2 ATS in the NCAA championship games since 2015.

The main players in Syracuse

Buddy Boeheim leads the Orange team with 18 points per game, but the junior guard has moved his level to next season in the postseason. Quincy Guerrier (13.9 pages), Alan Griffin (13.7 pages) and Marek Dolezaj (10.0 pages) are also double the Orange average figures.

Major players in Houston

Quentin Grimes is the junior guard for every Cougars player. He averaged 18.1 points, 6.0 rebounds and 1.9 assists. Guard Marcus Sasser adds 13.3 pp and senior Dejon Jarreau adds 10.9 pp. and 5.3 rpg. Houston is a strong perimeter group, but the crime runs through Grimes.

Best individual match: Boeheim vs. Grimes

Who else would it be? Boeheim has emerged as one of the hottest players of the post-season. In Syracuse’s last four games, Boeheim has averaged 28.3 points and is 24th out of 43 points (55.8 percent) from a 3-point lead. He won’t take care of the Grimes pillow on the playing field, but they will have to match each other. The Grimes averaged 19.4 points and 5.2 rebounds in the Houston postseason. Both teams will focus on two star players in this match.

To find out the statistics for Syracuse vs Houston

Syracuse’s defense puts the team in a 3-point competition and it works. Suppose Orange is 6-4 when the opposing team makes a triple 10 in a game, which leads to a second-round win over West Virginia. Houston scores 9.2 3 points per game. Oranges, on the other hand, are 9-2 when they make 10 threes or more. If Boeheim stays warm, Syracuse will have a chance.

Meet … Justin Gorham

The 6-7 senior striker will be a key player in Syracuse’s field of measurement. He had 12 games with double-digit rebounds this season, and the Cougars were 11-1 in those games. He averaged three boards in the first two tournaments in Houston. If Gorham succeeds in the crystal on both sides and neutralizes Dolezaj, the Cougars will be in good form.

Syracuse vs Houston forecast

San Diego and West Virginia threw a 3-point lead to a 3-point lead over Syracuse last weekend. While that is the focus, Houston also makes a good defense. The Cougars give just 57.9 points per game. It will be a hobby for both teams to rely on a 3-point hot shot. Boeheim will keep Syracuse there, but Houston will do so offensively enough to reach Elite Eight with a shot in the Final Four.

Final result: Houston 64, Syracuse 60

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