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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Home Sports The Bengals and Rams took many different routes to Super Bowl LVI

The Bengals and Rams took many different routes to Super Bowl LVI

Happy Monday, everyone! We have our Super Bowl set.

Let’s get it right.

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Good morning to everyone but especially to …

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Everyone likes a good return, right?

If so, everyone (except two specific fans) was crazy about the Conference Championships.

Let’s start with the Bengals. I’ve always believed teams take the form of their leaders, and Cincinnati certainly does. Joe Burrowa combination of scratchy, fearless, calm and tough. The Bengals ended 4-11-1 in 2020. They had a lot of work to do, starting with Burrow himself coming off a torn ACL. Now he is the first quarterback to be No. 1 overall. 1 has been set up to win the Super Bowl within its first two seasons, and the Bengals are the most unlikely conference champion in the last two decades.

On Sunday, it was an excellent defensive effort that turned the tide.

  • The Cincinnati Defense Kansas City held on to just three points in the second half.
  • Yet, when the Bengals lost the coin to start overtime, it seemed that that Herculean attempt would not be enough. Remember last week, when the Chiefs first got the ball and won minutes later? This time, security was criminally underestimated Jesse Bates a deep pass bat intended for Tyreek Hill in the arms of Vonn Bell.
  • A few plays later, Evan McPherson nailed down another field goal, and the Bengals were celebrating.

Half a country away, the Rams came up with an unforgettable return of their own. In the fourth quarter, Matthew Stafford found Cooper Coup for a touchdown (his second of the game), the defense – led by Aaron Donald and By Miller – acted, and Matt Gay nail-biting the match evenly and match wins field goals.

These are the moments Stafford hoped for when he was traded to Los Angeles exactly a year earlier, and he redeemed. Stafford’s fourth quarter statistics:

  • 11-for-14
  • 121 meters
  • 1 touchdown
  • 126.5 pass-through rating

Two weeks ago, Stafford finally won its first playoff game. Now he’s one game off a title. With this season, the Rams were all-in on a championship. The Bengals, meanwhile, hoped that Burrow would return healthy and that they could build around him in the long run. Now, they meet in the Super Bowl.

Is football great or what?

Honorable mention

And not such a good morning for …

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“When you’re 21-3 up in a game, you can not lose it, and I put it on myself.”

It was Patrick Mahomes talk to the Chiefs’ shocking collapse. And he’s all right.

The Chiefs had many chances to put the Bengals away, but three stood out.

  • With five seconds left in the first half, the Chiefs were 1 meter from the end zone, already 21-10 ahead.
  • With no interruptions left, Patrick Mahomes thrown the ball Tyreek Hill, which was stopped short of the end zone. Time was running out. No touchdown. No field goal. Nothing.

Later, after Cincinnati took a 24-21 lead with about six minutes left in the fourth quarter, Mahomes drove Kansas City into the red zone. It had to be the one, right? Mahomes is going to lead another match-winning ride.


  • On 2nd-and-goal from the 4-yard line, Mahomes took a bag.
  • On 3rd-and-goal he then took another – and fiddled – all the way back to the 24.
  • Happy for Mahomes, Joe Thuney got the loose ball back, and Harrison Butker nailed the kick to go to overtime.

Then the Chiefs won the toss. Well, this had to be the one, right? Wrong. Mahomes went incomplete, incomplete and then intercepted. He would never get the ball back.

The Bengals earned their way to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs definitely helped, however, we write Dennis Dodd:

  • Dodd: “A week after the Chiefs stretched for 13 seconds in glory, it will be known as the face plant heard around Chiefs Kingdom … Patrick Mahomes reached his first Super Bowl in 2019, his second season as a starter and third in the league.It seems so long ago, so too that 18-point lead in the first half that the Chiefs would surely push in their third consecutive Super Bowl.Then the worst thing happened to the budding superstar and the franchise he on his half-billion. dollars back. “

Not so honorable mention

  • The American men national team fell 2-0 to Canada. It was an uninspiring performance, as shown in the player grade of our football experts Chuck Booth and Roger Gonzalez. Wednesday’s match against Honduras is now almost a must-win.

When is Tom Brady actually retire? πŸ€”

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After 22 seasons, seven Super Bowl wins, five Super Bowl MVPs, three MVPs and the most big pass records, Tom Brady is expect to call it a career, per CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora.

BUT Brady has not made an announcement yet, and Brady’s agent (Don Yee), father (Tom Brady Sr.) and coach (Bruce Arians) everyone said there is no decision. However, this is expected to change soon, according to our La Canfora:

  • Camphor: “He is very respectful of the game, and has great respect for the Tampa organization and everything they have done for him,” said one source close to the fullback. “He understands the consequences this decision would have for the team moving forward, and he would never wants to do anything to improve the playoffs. Whatever he decides, I would expect him to announce it soon.‘”

It is difficult to make a proposal NFL without Brady (I was 3 years old when he was drafted, so it’s really hard for me.) Brady spent half of his life in the league. He shared the field with fathers of current players, including those of his Tampa Bay teammate, Antoine Winfield Jr.

There are so many moments to choose from in Brady’s incredible career, and NFL expert Cody Benjamin revisited all seven of his Super Bowl victories. For me, it all merges. There’s not a box he did not check. He won it all early, he let it all win, and then he won it all even later – later than any quarterback in NFL history.

You could have made a case 10 years ago, when Brady went a decade between championships, a case that his highlight was behind him. Instead, he won four more titles. Quite simply, there will never be another Tom Brady – whenever he decides to stop it.

Raiders, Giants tab new head coaches 🏈

Long time Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels get another chance to be an NFL head coach, this time with the Raiders. McDaniels’ head coaching business did not go well.

  • He was just 11-17 from 2009-10 with the Bronkos, and was sacked before completing his second season.
  • Then, in 2018, McDaniels accepted the Colts work, but never coached for them because he rather decided to return to the Patriots.

Otherwise, McDaniels’ credentials are pretty strong. The Patriots’ offense was top-10 in points in 12 of McDaniels’ 13 seasons as attacking coordinator, including this year with newcomer Mac Jones by quarterback.

Meantime, the Giants also selected an AFC East offensive coordinator for their opening: Brain Daboll. Daboll performed wonders Josh Allen and will hope to do the same for DaniΓ«l Jones. Daboll was a finalist for the Dolphins‘work, and the Saints was hoping to do an interview with him, so this is a big chance for Big Blue.

Rafael Nadal, Ashleigh Barty make history at Australian Open 🎾

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Rafael Nadal know a thing or two of returning. This one – or rather, this one – may still be his best. Nadal overcame a set of two sets, and on top of that Daniil Medwedef 2-6, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4, 6-4, 7-5 to win the 2022 Australian Open. This one is special to Nadal for many reasons:

  • His 21st career major, break a bond with Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer for most always by a man
  • First return from two sets since 2007

But a two-set backlog is far from the biggest obstacle Nadal has overcome. He has been struggling with a foot injury since May 2021, and he had a breakthrough COVID-19 case in December 2021. his speech after the match, Nadal admitted he did not know if he would play pro tennis again.

There was a feel-good story in women’s singles, also: Ashleigh Barty became the first Australian to win title since 1978. Barty did not drop a single set the entire tournament, concluding with a 6-3, 7-6 (7-2) victory Danielle Collins.

What we watch Monday πŸ“Ί

πŸ€ No. 9 Duke by Notre Dame, 7pm on ESPN
πŸ€ No. 6 Indiana by No. 7 Michigan, 19:00 on ESPN2
πŸ€ Heat by Celtics, 19:30 on NBA TV

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