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The Biden administration maintains Trump’s policy in Hong Kong

The Biden administration maintains Trump’s policy in Hong Kong

The Biden administration has concluded Hong Kong should not receive preferential treatment under US law after Beijing oppresses the pro-democracy movement it weakened autonomy in the territory.

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blink, Hong Kong did not guarantee the level of priority given to the former British colony when it returned to China in 1997, with a “one country, two system” model that had to guarantee a certain number. five decades of autonomy.

“Last year. . . China has continued to dismantle Hong Kong’s great autonomy, violating its obligations under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and Hong Kong’s Basic Law, ”Blinken said. annual decision to Congress Required by the Hong Kong Policy Act.

Last year Donald Trump became the first US president to declare that he was Hong Kong it is no longer autonomous enough From China to deserve special status, including trade privileges. The UK said earlier this month China was being violated 1984 Declaration.

China imposed it last year draconian national security law trying to tighten the activity of democratic activists. The passage of the bill in Hong Kong without regard to the Beijing legislature led to the arrest of dozens of activists, including Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow.

Earlier this month, China took further action to oust the small democracy of its 7 million people in the financial center, significantly reducing the number of people directly elected to the legislature. At the time, President Joe Biden’s administration described the move. “direct attack”About the autonomy of Hong Kong.

Kurt Tong, the former U.S. consul general in Hong Kong, said that given what has happened since the last report just a year ago, it would be surprising if Biden did not re-certify in Congress.

“But the negative findings of the report may not lead to further action,” said Tong, now a consultant partner at The Asia Group. “President Trump has already taken steps to normalize US relations with Hong Kong last July” in line with the provisions of the Hong Kong Policy Act. “

But he said the US would remain “firm” in stating that China was not fulfilling its obligations under the China-British Joint Declaration.

Blinken said China and Hong Kong had taken a number of actions to secure the decision, including arbitrary arrests and politically motivated defendants, in addition to pressure from the judiciary and the media.

“I am committed to continuing to work with Congress and our allies and partners around the world to stand up to the people of Hong Kong. [China’s] tremendous policies and actions, ”Blinken added.

The US decision on Hong Kong is the latest of several examples showing that the Biden administration is much tougher on China than many foreign policy experts expected.

While Biden stressed the need to work with allies — the inequality with the Trump administration — he has he took a hard line From Hong Kong and Taiwan on Tuesday his administration cracked down on Uighurs against Chinese human rights activists formally “genocide”.

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