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The case of letting people work from home

The case of letting people work from home

In 2020, because Covid-19 pandemic almost 70% of full-time employees worked from home. Perhaps many companies that have never thought about offering a remote job opportunity tailored to their needs. Now that businesses are considering plans to return to the office, they would do well to continue to provide remote work arrangements for individuals who prefer themselves and their employees.

A few years ago, I quit my corporate job to stay home with my kids all the time. I never intended to be a parent to be at home. But my second son was born with multiple disabilities, and as he grew up he also made a list of medical and therapy appointments. I had difficulty managing my son’s needs and having to spend more than 40 hours a week in the office.

When I left office, I put more than a decade of education and professional experience aside. Reluctantly, I took my children out of day-to-day day-to-day company care when they were a couple of months old. I only paid attention to my family, I don’t regret it. But I would make the remote work arrangement easier to help my family and continue with my career.

Travel doesn’t mean happier employees

Whatever your job or place of residence, commuting to the office can take up large parts of the day. Average American travel in 2019 It was 27 minutes for each round trip, about 200 hours a year are added to a full-time employee. Aside from actual commuting, getting out of the house at a specific time in the morning in an effort to avoid traffic can be stressful. Instead of worrying about having to leave the office early or leave early for personal duties, employees are more productive when they work remotely, have fewer days of illness, and take less time.

Working parents should also keep child care in mind in their offices. My former employer’s day care made it easier for my children to move quickly when they were not feeling well or had a problem, but for many people, that is not an option. And while being close to the office was helpful, going home was often stressful because my kids were tired or hungry or both (and me too).

When children are older and go to school, a remote work organization keeps parents close for school events or to pick up a child who is not feeling well. When parents make it easier for their children to get there, they do to continue to be responsible and productive for better work.

Remote work allows people to connect anywhere

Today’s technology makes it easy to work from anywhere. With a remote job opportunity, individuals can include important life events in their day, such as attending health care appointments. When employees have it flexibility to take care of personal duties, are happier and more productive.

The flexible work location is especially helpful for parents because they can spend more time with children than those who spend the whole day in the office. They can be used to drop off or pick up at school, or taken out for school performance or sporting events.

My son has had long stays in the hospital and I have spent many hours there waiting around. A remote work schedule would give me the flexibility to be with my son and still be connected to my work. I could easily work on a spreadsheet or return emails while I was in the waiting room or while he was resting.

Remote work gives us control over our calendars

A remote job opportunity gave me the flexibility to plan my day around work meetings, my tasks, and my family duties. Even on days when I didn’t have an appointment, working from home makes it easier to throw away laundry or start dinner, which would make the transition smoother when my workday was over.

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